The Voice

No secret that I am obsessed with The Voice USA and every week I just can't understand why Christina Aguilera can't dress! She's the voice of our generation and with all that money why can't she get it right? Sometimes she's over sexed her style then other days she looks like a grandma, well at least it's better then the previous seasons. Focusing on the good here's one look that she just nailed! Semi natural makeup (for her standards), casual with a sparkle and semi natural (again to her standards) hair.Won't lie I really love the vintage blouse and will be look around for something similar!

The Voice - Get The Look 
Taken from her website: {HERE}

Stylist Simone Harouche:
For tonight's result show, we decided to switch things up and go for something a little different. Christina wore a vintage inspired Isabel Marant crystal chiffon blouse, we dressed down the look with McGuire black denim jeans and christian louboutin heels. Jewels by lorree Rodkin. Hope you guys loved tonight's look!
Celebrity Hair Stylist David Babaii:
Christina's look tonight for The Voice live show was all about a sexy boho feeling. My two secret weapons for this were the T3 Wand and David Babaii Boho Beach Spray. I prepped with a few sprays of the Boho Beach Spray and then created a side part. Using the wand, I curled the hair in different directions, leaving the ends out. This gave her A-line bob a fresh feel! Follow David on twitter

MakeUp Artist Scott Barnes:
Glam rock! Eye shadow in golden goddess from scott barnes with eye ice in super nova also from scott barnes mascara in eyes to kill from Armani lashes by my favorite " page" flutter lashes in mink blush in stop light orange from Inglot lipstick TOM FORD wild ginger!