Before the Oscars

Last night's Screen Actors Guild Awards fashion wasn't anything to rave over but here are a few of my favorites:
{All pictures taken from}

 {Rose Byrn - Elie Saab Haute Couture}
Comfortable, sparkly beading & low V-cut, what's not to love?

 {Viola Davis - Marchesa}
Everything is just perfect; heavenly perfect!

{Zoe Saldana - Givenchy Huate Couture}
She's always perfect... 
Love the jeweled neckline & sheer blouse over a tank, also looks comfortable.

The 3 outfits above are very similar 

{Julie Bowen - Temperley London}
Where to start? Beautiful colour, shoulder jewel detail and cut! Lovely!

{Michelle Williams - Valentino}
Sharp colour and fine lace...
Love everything BUT the shoes, maybe a more delicate shoe would have matched better.

{Shailene Woodley - L'Wren Scott}
Someone needs a new stylist ASAP

{All pictures taken from}

Party Prep

Entertaining is fun, so anything that reduces prep time is greatly appreciated. My husband does "try" to help at times but sometimes his help creates more work. To ensure a fool proof table setting I found these wonderful helpers online at Cake Vintage. Below are my two favorites; one playful and one formal.

They have a few purposes
  1. Simple & easy clean up placemat for guest
  2. Guideline for husband to follow on how to set a table properly
  3. Can be customized with markers/pen to write guest names!!!
  4. I'm sure there's more but I can't think of it at this moment
  5. It's pretty

Oh Boy

Don't tell my husband...... But this dress makes me want to have another wedding! The one-shoulder lace gown is so beautiful and sexy but conservative enough to be worn as a wedding gown. Made by Emilio Pucci and available at Net-A-Porter for only $3,300

{Net-A-Porter: Emilio Pucci $3,300 Click Here for more detail}

No Luck

After anxiously waiting two weeks for my vintage sunnies, they have finally arrived! Back from my earlier post about my {Etsy Wish List: Here}, I bought everything from my list except the sequins blazer because it was sold out. Very up setting and to add more heartbreak my red sunnies don't even fit me! Ahhhhh such bad luck but the good thing is it semi fits my husband. (He hates them & refuses to wear them) So without his permission here is a picture of him in vintage sunnies!

{Vintage sunnies from Etsy}

{My husband will not be happy about this}

Chanel Spring 2012 Couture Collection

The Couture collection pictures are available at {Here} 

Karl Lagerfeld never disappoints with his fashion show stages for Chanel. The Spring 2012 Couture collection setting was on a life size airplane with all the plane seats facing the front of the plane. As much as I personally love Chanel, I have to say I was a bit disappointed with the direction of this collection.

Some of my thoughts
  • Being a spring collection I found the colour theme very dark and unfitting for spring. 
  • First part of the show was very theme fitting; 60's stewardess inspired uniforms. Very cute and wearable
  • What I did like was the neckline on most of the pieces, showing off the model's decollete beautifully.
  • Lots of beading (Which I LOVE!!)
  • Most pieces had hidden pockets! Who doesn't love pockets?
  • The hair was styled sky high to keep focus on the garments necklines but some of the hair distracted me from looking at the garments it's self. 
  • Accessories: Super long dangling earrings (Which I didn't like). 
Here are some of my picks from the collection, again all pictures are available at {Here}

{Left: Josefien Rodermans opening the show in a 60's stewardess inspired piece}
{Right: Joan Smalls: Open/boatneck jacket & hidden pockets skirt.. Or is it a dress?}

{Left: Siri Tollerod: Beautiful gown but didn't flow with the rest of the collection}
{Right: Julia Nobis: Love everything about this dress! Wrap sleeves, halter dress, beading & knotted front}

{Magda Laguinge: Poor girl... Bag dress & bad hair}

Flaking Off Winter

Every winter my skin has an identity crisis and switches from oily to extremely dry. (Lucky me but I know everyone goes through this) To exfoliate my skin I use Dior's Capture Totale Peeling Lumiere which eliminates my dry flaky skin if used regularly, but it is a costly scrub to use daily.

Two months I subscribed to Loose Button {Click here to learn more} which send me a Luxe Box every month containing beauty product samples according a special questionnaire I filled out about my beauty routine. (I will post pictures of my upcoming box shortly). One of the samples I received was Skin Prep Scrub by Dermalogica and I was quite impressed with my sample. In general I love Dermalogica products because I find that they work very well with my skin type.

 {Left: Dior's Capture Totale Peeling Lumiere $92 for 1.7oz}
{Right: Skin Prep Scrub by Dermalogica $32 for 2.5oz, but sample is 0.75oz}

Let's go into detail!

  • $92 for 1.7oz
  • Can be used wet or dry skin
  • Massage on face, leave on for 1 minute and then rinse
  • Use 2 - 3 times a week
  • Contains salicylic acid and mineral micro-crystals
  • Very fine sandy/grain texture, can be hard on skin if applied with force (Picture Below)
  • Perfume scented
  • Alcohol mentioned twice (2) in ingredient list

  • $32 for 2.5oz
  • Use on wet skin only
  • Massage gently on face and then rinse
  • Use 3 times a week
  • Contains corn cob meal
  • Medium sized grains and creamy texture (Picture Above)
  • No artificial fragrance or color
  • Alcohol mentioned three times (3) in ingredient list

My thoughts: When it comes to size and price Dermalogica is more practical for regular use (Recommended to exfoliate at least 3 times a week). Both left my skin smooth after use and both did not leave my sensitive skin red or irritated. Use/texture I prefer the Dior because the micro crystals were easier to spread and finer to scrub; every-bit of the product is the fine micro crystals so not lot of product is needed. The Dermalogica gains are larger and you have to move the grains around to get a good scrub. The texture is creamy so more product is need to cover the face, I would say it's 2/3 cream and 1/3 grain. So overall I'll still continue to use the Dior but won't oppose to switching to Dermalogica if money is tight.

All That Glitters

Today's special is a combination of two of my favorite things: beading/sequin and vintage. Yes I am yet again showing you another shiny item! These dresses are from {Shrimpton Couture} Because Fabulous Girls Wear Vintage. These beautiful gowns are from the 1960's, ivory with beading detail and great pieces for formal dinners (If I had any to go to that is). Only problem is... Unlike Etsy which is more affordable, Shrimpton Couture is more on the luxury side. Which means I'll be enjoying these gowns in my mind along with my fantasy formal dinner with my wonderful husband. Enjoy!

Burning Money

Normally I'm not the type of person to question Fashion Houses on their products..... 
Until I saw these two items on Net-A-Porter, can someone please explain to me how they came up with this price?

 {Left: Missoni Home Gomitolo Wax Candle $405 Right: Missoni Home Torta Four-wick Wax Candle $520}


Lately I've been craving pizza so yesterday I decided to make my own at home. I won't lie that I bought ready made dough and my sauce was from a can but I did cut up my own vegetables if that counts as homemade. Making pizza from "scratch" is both labor intensive and extremely messy, but it was all worth it! For my pizza I added pizza sauce, BBQ sauce, chicken, onions, peppers, olives, an entire layer of minced garlic (I have a sick obsession with garlic), mushrooms and lactose-soya free cheese. 

Pictures below from Instagram.

After 15 mins in the oven


Found this cute ruffle one piece on Etsy yesterday and thought I'd share. It's vintage and it reminds me of the outfit Coco Rocha wore on ANTM when she was judging! I remember reading Mrs Rocha's tumbler and her outfit was vintage too for only $25.

{Black & White one-piece $39.99 by StudioNostalgia}

{Coco Rocha in vintage on ANTM - Taken from Coco Rocha's Tumbler Page}

 My new "clutch" was found at {I Miss You Vintage} for a jaw dropping price of $28 PLUS it's all leather &  made in Italy. The brands lettering is fading but from what I can read it says "Leather School". The wonderful bag/clutch has gold hardware with bright red leather interior; an accordion style bag that somewhat reminds me of the two-tone leather & suede shoulder bag by Victoria Beckham {Here} . Can't wait to use this clutch on my next dinner date; whenever my lovely husband decides to take me out... Hint Hint... Ahem...

 The top handles have been removed because 
1. It was ripping off 
2. I would never use this style of bag as a underarm bag 
3. I have too many bags and not enough clutches