Who Turns Down Chanel?

Apparently I've been using my "head" lately and turned away from 3 gorgeous bags. I can't tell if age is making me wiser or just plain old stupid. 

 {Chanel - Jersey Flap Bag around $3000 CDN}Fall-Winter 2014/15 Pre-Collection
 {Chanel - Large Jersey Flap Bag around $3500 CDN}Fall-Winter 2014/15 Pre-Collection

The jersey material is interesting, it's almost like felt and just as soft. The idea of a jersey bag would make the bag look cheap however I felt that it give the bag a unique look. The pink is a mini bag that won't carry much but the black is a really good deal considering the size and shape.

 {Chanel - Lambskin Small Flap Bag With Tray Packing around $4500 CDN}Fall-Winter 2014/15

The bag is actually a dusty pink in real life - Pink, gold hardware, Chanel and I can't believe I'm stupid enough to not pick this up!!!! Biggest regret ever! The packing is bonus and a cool design.

Boob (Nursing) Problems

I have many problems with typical store nursing tops, here's just to name a few:
  1. It's ugly - Completely lacking style and shape. Being a mother does not require you to look like a Kate Gosselin in anyway shape or form. 
  2. It's tight -  As a new mother trying to get the"pre-baby" body back, wearing tight fitting tops isn't exactly making me feel most confident; at least not with the new mummy tummy.  
  3. It's expensive - Explain to why stretch cotton tops cost so much more because it's a "nursing" top? The material isn't better neither is the quality, I can't justify paying so much more for a cotton shirt because I can whip a boob out. 
  4. It's boring - Every store and websites sells the exact sale styles (in cotton of course) but in different colours, let's all look like Kate Gosselin. 
 {Thyme Maternity -  Wrap Nursing Top With Shirring in Sangria - $39 but now on sale for $19}

Prime example of a typical nursing top; boring, very fitted, long and did I mention BORING? I honestly can't stand Thyme Maternity during my pregnancy and I can't stand it even more after my pregnancy. I'm starting to wonder where all the stylist mommies shop.

Normally I tend to stay away from fast fashion stores (Forever 21, H&M style stores) but I actually focused on these types of stores for nursing tops last weekend. I was determined to find styles that suited me without over spending, to be honest it was stressful but the quest was semi-fun (minus my son crying 50% of the time). Overall I found a few tops that I could work into my normal wardrobe, didn't break the bank, won't feel guilty getting dirty and won't break my heart when I discard of it in a few months. 

Here's my nursing top haul: 

{Left: Loft - Shirred Neck Cami in Black - On sale in stores for around $18}
{Right: Old Navy - Sleeveless Button Front Top in Arugula- On sale $12}

 {Left: Smart Set - Sleeveless Top With Zipper Detail in Sweet Rose - $35}
{Right: Smart Set - Wrap Halter Top in Black - On sale for $19}

All these tops can easily be tucked into a skirt or warn with shorts or pants. Not far from what I would normally wear during this season except they all have easy access for nursing when the time comes. With the exception of the Loft cami, that was purchased because the material is so soft and thin I could lift my top and tuck it to nurse. 

 {BCBG - Mya Open-Back Draped T-Shirt in Blue - On sale for $45}

I had purchased this top in a size up in 3 different colours because I am head over heels in love with this top. The size up gives the shirt a slouchy look and allows for me to nurse him under the shirt (using the shirt as my nursing cover). 

{BCBG - Alessandra Draped-Front Top in Black - $90}

I will be wearing this top with a bandeau underneath, I couldn't just walk around with my boobs hanging out anymore. For $90 it is an over priced top to use for nursing BUT I know I will be keeping this top long after I am done nursing. 

Pink Is Not Going To Happen

I don't often make it to the big stores but when I do financial damage is the end result. Recently I have come across an unusual curse with bags and it's really bothersome.

{Chanel - Wallet on a chain with double C-clasp}

This isn't the exact item I had wanted but close enough. The one I had seen in store was a blush pink lizard material with gold hardware, price? $5,400 and worth every penny of it. Stupid me had declined to purchase this one of a kind bag because I had wanted to use my common sense and not jump into an impulse purchase fearing regret later on. After a week (exactly 6 days) I had made up my mind and headed back to the store to purchase this beautiful bag with one problem... It has already been sold and there was only ONE in all of Canada, that's what happens when you use common sense and take too long to "think" about it. 

{Victoria Beckham - Liberty Tote in Pink - $1,650 but onsale now}
I have been everywhere trying to find this tote and I've even looked online. The actual website doesn't ship to Canada, Holt Renfrew didn't carry pink, Net-A-Porter was sold out and every other high-end retail websites didn't carry or ship to Canada. This bag was just not meant to be mine I guess.  

Childbearing - Push Gift

A push present (also known as a push gift, baby mama gift or baby bauble) is a present a father gives to the mother to mark the occasion of her giving birth to their child.

My ask from my loving husband for my push gift was a Hermes Birkin in any colour but must have gold hardwar also in any size. I wasn't going to be extremely picky with the leather or size - Heck I just wanted to get my hands on a Birkin! Much to my surprise he agreed under one condition; I must go into the store with him. Throughout my pregnancy I barely left the house and shopping was the last thing on my mind. In the end I never went into the store to inquire on the bag, maybe when my son is a few months old I'll head downtown with the hubby.

 {Hermes Birkin}

Chanel Problems - Splurge VS Steal

It's not a secret that I am completely obsessed with Chanel; the pearls, tweed jackets and the long chain necklaces. When I saw this on the runway for Spring 2014 Ready-to-Wear I knew I just had to have it!

Pictures taken from Style.com

I wear pearls daily paired with a large statement necklace (for work and play) so the two styles above wouldn't be out of my style reach. Although it is out of my baby budget - Cost is around $3000 which I never complain about cost but with a new baby to pay for that's a lot of money to spend on a necklace now.

I don't know if this is pathetic or clever but I was able to find similar styles for a lot less. Normally I am not the type to settle for knock off items that cost a fraction of the real item - BUT - I couldn't NOT have this style in my collection. Note: Yes it makes me very sad to admit this but I must learn to scale back cost now.
Splurge on the Chanel Necklace OR Steal on the styles below?

Pearl Wire Choker 
{THPSHOP - Pearl Wire Choker $75}

I can come across the blogger Vanessa's Instagram page and she was selling this necklace above (Blog: www.thehautepursuit.com). Simple style, similar to the original Chanel and still casual enough to wear daily - For $75 it's steal although I'm sure I can make this necklace myself for a lot less. 

{BaubleBar - Jumbo Pearl Ring Collar $34}

The name is completely misleading, I would hardly consider this a jumbo pearl. This style is scaled down to the average person who desires the Chanel look but is afraid to the large statement piece of the original style. This is truly casual enough to wear with a t-shirt and jeans type of look or dressed up with a DVF wrap dress for work.

Maternity Coat

I don't know where to begin with my deep dislike for the ever so popular M Coat; a really ugly maternity coat that every pregnant woman swears by. This "popular" maternity coat is polyester made and is down filled, can be worn 3 ways but each style is ugly. The material is thin, shiny, fur collar is cheaply done, style and fit is just wrong. Pregnant or not, I would NOT be seen in this type of jacket and how can anyone even justify paying $480 for this cheaply made coat????

{The M Coat $480 available at Sporting Life}

I do admit, it is hard finding a jacket that can accommodate my ever going bump and my beautiful winter coat  {Here} just couldn't zip up anymore. I set out to look for a jacket that would fit my bump and my style, I wasn't going to allow pregnancy to change me in anyway. 

 I came across this All Saints jacket and just fell in love with it. Asymmetric styling that just screams me, funnel neck collar to keep the cold out, made from 80% Virgin Wool 20% Polyamide, no zippers, two inner buttons at the breast to keep the jacket closed and one large metal turn lock clasp. This jacket has slim arms (lucky me, my arms haven't gained any weight), buttons are above the belly to allow lots of belly growing space, it's light weight but warm and the style is what I would normally wear prior to pregnancy. I just love how much movement I have in this jacket and don't feel restricted in any way. 

If you are considering the M Coat I would highly advise you to stop, reconsider and really think about if you want to start looking like a mother who's just given up on herself.

{All Saints - City Monument Coat $505}


424 FIFTH - Hudson's Bay

Lord & Taylor's 424 Fifth will now be available at select Hudson's Bay stores and last night was the brand's preview of the Spring/Summer 2014 collection at Arcadian Loft in Toronto.

The brand's target market:

"She is fabulously chic in a non-fussy, effortless way. Confident. Witty. Sophisticated, yet down to earth. American, yet worldly. Always of the moment. She is an individual, a risk taker, yet everything seems so logical and right, when she’s doing it or wearing it. She is the 424 Fifth woman.

I love shopping at Hudson's Bay for basic and trendy items but this brand just isn't for me. The styles are oddly similar to Rachael by Rachel Roy and the quality is lacking. The event missed the mark on showcasing the new collection to the audience and some clothing items were pinned to the mannequins for a better fit. I hope the collection sells well in Canada but I think I'll pass on the Spring/Summer collection. 
{Cupro Pant in Dark Grey}
The shape is something I would wear to work or dressed down going to run 
errands however the material lacked quality.

{Leather Track Pant in Black}
I'll be honest, the pants looked like leather but did not feel like leather! Completely shocked that the website actually says it's made from leather, I honestly thought it was faux leather. The style and fit looked nice but it's very Kanye West style so I'll pass.

{Double Weave Poly Satin Wide Sleeve Topper in Electric Cherry}Looks great in the photo but very hard to wear in person. On the mannequins the jacket was very over powering and saw one woman drown in this jacket - However the colour is beautiful. 

{Poly Satin Birdcage Skirt in Electric Cherry) Similar to the jacket this skirt is just too much for any size frame/body type. The skirt was pinned in many places on the mannequin to showcase the skirt's shape and on the body makes the hips look too wide. 

{Laser Cut Skirt in Gadenia}I don't recall seeing this skirt on but I do like how it looks in picture, 
I just might pop in stores to check out this skirt.

  {Stretch Cotton Double Weave Photoreal Printed Long Jacket in Ivory Combo} Unable to tell in pictures but the colours on this jacket are beautiful. I love the shape and style of this jacket, I would definitely wear this jacket on the weekends but don't think the husband would like it.

 {Stretch Cotton Double Weave Printed Pencil Skirt in Ivory Combo} In the same print as the jacket above, I adore this skirt! No doubt i will be picking this skirt up when it becomes available in stores!

 All pictures taken from Hudson's Bay Website

Must Have Tote

As the days count down towards the star of my new family I can't stop thinking about what type of bag I'll need. Sure there are tons of things I could be worrying but finding a bag to accommodate my new lifestyle is equally as important. I would need a bag with longer straps to throw over my shoulder, long and wide enough to store anything plus it must look chic for nice lunch outing.

 {Victoria Beckham - Liberty Bag - In Powder Rainy Day $995 GBP or $1,350 USD}

You can visit the Victoria Beckham website {Here} to view all beautiful available colours.  I would love to use this as a baby bag, it's perfect! Chic with tons of storage for baby items. Victoria Beckham leather is very strong and is able to hold it's shape (which is a must) plus the leather is usually very smooth. Can't wait to get my hands on one!

Baby and maternity clothes

 {My cat Tigger}

Cat's out of the bag! I'm having a baby and I'm having a boy! It has been a very rough pregnancy so far and being pregnant has been kind to my bank account. The first 3 months were hard with all day sickness and had no interesting in shopping, not even online shopping. I rarely never want to shop but luckily my Oniomania  past helped out! Below is a pile of baby clothes that I've bought throughout the years, I was also shopping and bought whatever I found cute. Turns out my son already has a very large wardrobe, what a lucky little boy!


The worse part about pregnancy is maternity clothes! The mall maternity stores in Canada are a complete joke and a specialty maternity store is over priced. Luckily for me I was in the states a month ago and picked up a few items. 

{J Brand - 34112 Maternity Rail - $216 USD}

I found these jeans at maternity store in Florida and paid about $216 for them which is already cheaper then normal J Brand jeans at Holts. Early in my pregnancy the jeans would cut into me because they are very low rise and the side panels weren't comfortable. Now that my baby bump is in full view the jeans are stretched to allow more room for the bump and don't dig into me anymore. Most maternity jeans have extra fabric that you're suppose to roll over your bump and J Brand was the only brand that didn't have the extra fabric. 

{BCBG - Silk long sleeve top - $248}

Maternity clothes are a joke - Oversize and plain, unable to find anything dressy. Luck for me I have a large wardrobe myself and have been able to wear most of my normal tops. I have a few tops from BCBG (like the picture above) that are dressy enough for work and still comfortable for my baby bump. Most of my Helmut Lang pieces are loose, work great with the baby bump and are my go to for the weekends. For basic tees and tanks I have always loved The Gap and Gap Maternity has great soft basics; too bad Canada doesn't carry Gap Maternity.