424 FIFTH - Hudson's Bay

Lord & Taylor's 424 Fifth will now be available at select Hudson's Bay stores and last night was the brand's preview of the Spring/Summer 2014 collection at Arcadian Loft in Toronto.

The brand's target market:

"She is fabulously chic in a non-fussy, effortless way. Confident. Witty. Sophisticated, yet down to earth. American, yet worldly. Always of the moment. She is an individual, a risk taker, yet everything seems so logical and right, when she’s doing it or wearing it. She is the 424 Fifth woman.

I love shopping at Hudson's Bay for basic and trendy items but this brand just isn't for me. The styles are oddly similar to Rachael by Rachel Roy and the quality is lacking. The event missed the mark on showcasing the new collection to the audience and some clothing items were pinned to the mannequins for a better fit. I hope the collection sells well in Canada but I think I'll pass on the Spring/Summer collection. 
{Cupro Pant in Dark Grey}
The shape is something I would wear to work or dressed down going to run 
errands however the material lacked quality.

{Leather Track Pant in Black}
I'll be honest, the pants looked like leather but did not feel like leather! Completely shocked that the website actually says it's made from leather, I honestly thought it was faux leather. The style and fit looked nice but it's very Kanye West style so I'll pass.

{Double Weave Poly Satin Wide Sleeve Topper in Electric Cherry}Looks great in the photo but very hard to wear in person. On the mannequins the jacket was very over powering and saw one woman drown in this jacket - However the colour is beautiful. 

{Poly Satin Birdcage Skirt in Electric Cherry) Similar to the jacket this skirt is just too much for any size frame/body type. The skirt was pinned in many places on the mannequin to showcase the skirt's shape and on the body makes the hips look too wide. 

{Laser Cut Skirt in Gadenia}I don't recall seeing this skirt on but I do like how it looks in picture, 
I just might pop in stores to check out this skirt.

  {Stretch Cotton Double Weave Photoreal Printed Long Jacket in Ivory Combo} Unable to tell in pictures but the colours on this jacket are beautiful. I love the shape and style of this jacket, I would definitely wear this jacket on the weekends but don't think the husband would like it.

 {Stretch Cotton Double Weave Printed Pencil Skirt in Ivory Combo} In the same print as the jacket above, I adore this skirt! No doubt i will be picking this skirt up when it becomes available in stores!

 All pictures taken from Hudson's Bay Website

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