Store Promo That Isn't Really a Promo

Last Friday I got up bright and early to head down to Holt Renfrew Bloor for the per-promotion sale. Discounted designer items, paid the day before and I couldn't find any bags, shoes or clothes to buy! I was so disappointed in myself, how was it possible that I couldn't find anything to buy?

Then I saw this.......... I went all the way downtown to buy a necklace, at least I kinda like it.

 {House of Harlow 1960 : Plated Resin Stations Necklace $125}

{White Jacket from unknown store in Montreal, Aritzia tank top, J Brand Jeans,  Michael Kors Watch, BCBG Bracelets, House of Harlow Necklace & Rachel Zoe Wedge mentioned HERE}


I know I tend to question outrageous designer items that cost WAYYY to much...
I just can't help but like this one below.... This unique bag is by Monsieur Louboutin! Made from Jungle-green python, multicoloured Turkey feathers with gold hardware. This one of a kind beauty will add flare and pizazz to any plain dress or outfit. This bag just screams for attention and you will surely be noticed!

Gut Feelings

Sometimes it's always best to go with your gut feelings and not your bank balance. Case example: the pants below! I saw these beautiful pants while on a short trip to the USA at Ann Taylor, original price of $128 I didn't want to push my credit card luck.... But now I just can't stop thinking about them and how soft they were, how comfortable they felt and how these bring orange pants would just match everything I recently bought! Good news is.... I heard Ann Taylor is coming to Yorkdale soon but not soon enough!

{Ann Taylor - Romance Pants on sale $119.99 also available in pale almond}

There Goes My Savings

*Heavy Breathing*
*Heavy Breathing*
*Heavy Breathing*
It has finally happened... Club Monaco is finally available ONLINE!!
 Free shipping until April 30, after April 30 free shipping on orders $150 or $8 flat fee for orders under $150

As mentioned in the last post {HERE} I've been gravitating towards white silk blouses/shirts (as if I don't have enough already) lately and now with Club Monaco being available online.... I can just feel my savings account melting... Melting... Melting... Melting away....

Currently in my shopping bag:

 {Left: Cleo Silk top $129.50 check out the back! // Right: Christine Shirt $139.50}

{Left: Lizzie Silk Dress $189.50 // Top: Indian Sandals $49.50}
Check out the Lizzie dress! Great detailing!!

 {Left: Carmen Top $89.50 // Right: Taylor Skirt $119.50}

My grand total of $717.00
Anyone wish to give me an early birthday present?

A better shot of the top I'm wearing {HERE}


{Left: H&M loose blouse, necklace from Banana Republic}
{Top right & bottom right: Silk blouse from Club Monaco}

Hoping my husband doesn't read this; I can't help but indulge in white silk blouses lately! I'm sure somewhere in my massive closet I have tons but I just HAD to pick up these 3 lovely tops.OH and I also bought this extremely C-thur dress below, I'm sure I'll make it work somehow.

{H&M lace dress}

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Non Traditional

Easter has passed and that only means one thing; wedding season has begun! It's time to bring out your dresses and gowns to spend your weddings nights with fun, friends and alcohol! As a guest to a wedding have you ever considered standing out? (In a good fashionable way) Why not consider these two outfits for weddings this year.
 {BCBG - Camellia Jumpsuit $228}

To finish the look for both jumpsuits, I suggest {THIS} necklace and {THIS} thin belt in gold. If you are taller a thicker belt could also work. Example at the bottom.

 {BCBG - Maddison Jumpsuit $248}

Ever since Rose Byrn wore {THIS} jumpsuit to the Screen Actors Guild Awards, I've been completely obsessed with jumpsuits! Now if only I could have her body & height.

{Me trying on the Navy Jumpsuit}


This is why I love vintage dresses

{Etsy: 1960's Vintage Wiggle Dress from TheVintageMistress $89}

You just can't find this type of cut and detailing anymore. Loving the pale peach/pink colour, lace and chiffon overlay. The back chiffon can also be used as a scarf. This dress will most likely be sold by the time I post this.... Nuts...

{Etsy: 1970's Grey & Silver brocade one shoulder maxi dress $40 by MaPtiteChouette}
Gown for a party I'll never attend?

{Etsy: 1950's multi coloured dress $75 by MaPtiteChouette}
Perfect for any summer events; weddings, showers, garden party?

Let The Sunshine

I know this season's hottest colour is suppose to be orange but I'm rather loving the yellow instead. Yellow & Victoria Beckham = 100 % guarantee I'm going to love and want it! So on my hit list is now these 3 bags plus {this one}, my husband better start saving up now!

 {Victoria Beckham - Oversized Leather Pouch $650}

 {Victoria Beckham - Leather Shoulder Bag $1250}

 {Victoria Beckham - Victoria Structured Leather Tote $3850}
I already have the black version of this bag but this is a different colour, I still want it.

Mix & Match

I must admit that I still have lots to learn about fashion because I would have never put these two items together! The brocade top and textured skirt would have thrown me off but together I love this outfit! Love the fit, colour and style! The top comes with a white and pink ruffle which eliminates the need for a belt. The skirt is an asymmetric silhouette plus it has pockets, who doesn't love pockets?

{Left: Preen - Brocade cotton blend top $1305 // Right: Preen - Swizel textured-cotton skirt $1600}

 Perfect for wedding season or is it to childish?

Summer Office Pants

Working in an office environment can be really tricky at times; you want to look conservative, fashionable and still be comfortable... It's hard to do it all! Once the warm weather hits people starts showing some leg, a whole lot of leg sometimes. Wearing a skirt or dress everyday would be ideal for hot days but what if your feeling bloated or didn't shave/wax your legs, then what? My answer is Aritzia silky pants! They will keep you feeling cool, fashionable, comfortable and keep hairy legs hidden.

{Aritzia: Wilfred - Noa Pants $135 also available in black}
High-waisted trousers with an elastic back waistband for fat days

{Aritzia: T.Babaton - Cohen Pants $145 also available in cream & black}
Ankle pants with an elastic back waistband, these pants were inspired by track pants!
Fashion & comfort! Wouldn't mind working all day in these pants.

{Aritzia: Talula - Magic Trick Pants $60 also available in desert sand}
PJ style harem pants with again an elastic waistband. Before I lose you wait!
Wear these pants with strappy heels, loose fitting tee & a blazer, you'll look office appropriate, promise!
If you wish to cover the elastic ankles then wear open toe booties.

{Aritzia: Wilfred - Marais Pants $125 also available in khaki & black}
Can't wear these to work but maybe on a casual Friday? 
Who wants to wear thick denim during warm weather?

{Aritzia: T.Babaton - William Pants $145 also available in black}
Your classic dress pants for those have no imagination

Bag First

Ball clasp closing bags have a special place in my heart and bag collection. I love the vintage look it brings to bags and clutches, just makes it more unique to me. Which is why I love these two Miu Miu bags with the big ball clasp, perfect to match my wallet!
Not all ball clasp closing bags are nice, check out this design from Miu Miu {HERE} it's so ugly.

 {Miu Miu - Velvet Lip Clutch $1290}

 {Miu Miu - Appliqué leather bag $1810}

And of course, what's a bag without the perfect out? This is my typical summer outfit

 {Left: Splendid - Vintage cotton Tee $52}
{Middle: Malene Birger - Addina belted georgette shorts $245}
{Right: Gucci - Chain-trimmed suede sandals $1495}


Jacob Boutique

10 years ago Jacob use to be every women's go to store for classic and quality clothing. Throughout the years their designs changed due to financial difficulties and they began to lose their strong clientele base. After a brief bankruptcy, Jacob designs are back in full force and ready to reclaim their grounds in Canadian fashion.

Their newest limited edition line is L'Atelier; simple and classic gowns at a higher price point {View the entire collection HERE}

{One Shoulder Chiffon Dress $179 also available in cream}

 {Crepe one-shoulder long gown $199 also available in black}

My Wedges

After creating the summer wedge collage {Here}, I couldn't help but want a new pair myself! I scoured every store in search for my perfect pair of wedges but  always left empty handed. From Spring/Aldo to Jimmy Choo's and Christian Louboutin's, no matter what price point almost every pair I picked for my post failed to meet my standards. After a few days of searching I was exhausted and ready to give up....
Then I saw these two......... 

 {House of Harlow 1960: Pat Platform Wedge $260}

The House of Harlow wedges are casual, extremely comfortable, platform front, high heel yet low arch, great with jeans or a dress, easy to match and have a slim wedge heel to eliminate the chunky wedge look.

 {Rachel Zoe: Kelsey Snake Wedge $425}

The Rachel Zoe wedges are embossed snake print, comfortable, sky high heels, platform front, high arch and are just sex on heels!

I came to the conclusion that the perfect pair of wedges doesn't exist for me... 
Which is why I had to buy two heels instead of one!