Bag First

Ball clasp closing bags have a special place in my heart and bag collection. I love the vintage look it brings to bags and clutches, just makes it more unique to me. Which is why I love these two Miu Miu bags with the big ball clasp, perfect to match my wallet!
Not all ball clasp closing bags are nice, check out this design from Miu Miu {HERE} it's so ugly.

 {Miu Miu - Velvet Lip Clutch $1290}

 {Miu Miu - Appliqué leather bag $1810}

And of course, what's a bag without the perfect out? This is my typical summer outfit

 {Left: Splendid - Vintage cotton Tee $52}
{Middle: Malene Birger - Addina belted georgette shorts $245}
{Right: Gucci - Chain-trimmed suede sandals $1495}


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