Summer Office Pants

Working in an office environment can be really tricky at times; you want to look conservative, fashionable and still be comfortable... It's hard to do it all! Once the warm weather hits people starts showing some leg, a whole lot of leg sometimes. Wearing a skirt or dress everyday would be ideal for hot days but what if your feeling bloated or didn't shave/wax your legs, then what? My answer is Aritzia silky pants! They will keep you feeling cool, fashionable, comfortable and keep hairy legs hidden.

{Aritzia: Wilfred - Noa Pants $135 also available in black}
High-waisted trousers with an elastic back waistband for fat days

{Aritzia: T.Babaton - Cohen Pants $145 also available in cream & black}
Ankle pants with an elastic back waistband, these pants were inspired by track pants!
Fashion & comfort! Wouldn't mind working all day in these pants.

{Aritzia: Talula - Magic Trick Pants $60 also available in desert sand}
PJ style harem pants with again an elastic waistband. Before I lose you wait!
Wear these pants with strappy heels, loose fitting tee & a blazer, you'll look office appropriate, promise!
If you wish to cover the elastic ankles then wear open toe booties.

{Aritzia: Wilfred - Marais Pants $125 also available in khaki & black}
Can't wear these to work but maybe on a casual Friday? 
Who wants to wear thick denim during warm weather?

{Aritzia: T.Babaton - William Pants $145 also available in black}
Your classic dress pants for those have no imagination

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