The Fall season is best time for fashion! Put together pieces, lots of layering, skirts can be long or short, jacket no jacket, just so many options are available! My least favorite thing to do during the Fall season is the closet transition (Ahhhhh takes soooooooo long). First on my list was to change my shoes collection.

{When it was clean back in April 2012}


(Above) is my summer shoe collection and in the bag on the bottom left are all my winter boots. I brought out my "fancy" shoes (boxes on the floor) because I was tired of storing them away and never wearing them. I figured that if I had them in plain view everyday that I might not be afraid to wear them out, we'll see how that goes.  Of course after sitting in the middle of the all the shoes... I removed all the sandals and most peep-toes, I tried really hard to make it all fit.

{Yes I'm a nerd! I have the Travelocity gnome! Isn't he so cute?}

{Left) On this rack are my Uggs, Rain boots, knee high boots and over the knee boots. I don't care what anyone says, Uggs are THE most comfortable and warm boots ever!

{Right} My pumps for work, booties (that I've never worn), flats and most importantly my "fancy" shoes! I'm really hoping that displaying them in plain view will force me to wear them more often. Sometimes I feel like Louboutins are too nice for work and bars/clubs, I would hate to get them dirty while dancing the night away!

PS: Yes I have some serious Oniomania Problems!!!!!!!!

Next challenge is my closet!

Starting With The Right Leg

What's a new job without new boots for the winter?

{B Brian Atwood - Falcon Leather Knee-High Boots $200}

I found these babies at the Saks Fifth Avenue Outlet (Off 5th) in Buffalo for a steal! Original price $600 but I got them for $200!! Love them so much I bought the black and grey (not shown), I'm thinking it might be too sexy for office work but who cares! Okay so it's from Fall 2011 but it's still sexy!!

Needle In a Haystack

Ever since St. John's Fall 2012 Ready-to-Wear {HERE}hit the runway, I have been on the lookout for a bold red statement necklace. It has been nearly impossible to find a red necklace that isn't bohemian styled or all beaded. I wanted a necklace that was bold and deep red, even Etsy didn't have anything!

{J.Crew Factory - Resin Droplet Necklace in vibrant flame $84}

I know J.Crew currently is selling these necklaces in all colours except red. Never would have thought their Factory store would sell it in red. Regular store or outlet, I'm just happy to finally find a red bold statement necklace to wear this fall! Sure $84 for an outlet item is pricey but I would have paid anything for a nice necklace. Mission accomplished!!

On Rotation

Finding a bracelet to fit my tiny wrist is like trying to find water on the moon; pretty much impossible. Correction, finding a bracelet that I would WEAR is like finding water on the moon. I'm always in stores looking at bracelets/bangles and laughing at how massive they are compared to my wrist. I was dead shocked when I finally found something that fit AND I would wear!

{Club Monaco - Left: Harper Bracelet $49.50 / Right: Harper Necklace $79.50}

The Harper bracelet can be worn casually or dressed up and the best part is, it fits! The Harper necklace doesn't sit well on around the neck BUT it does make a great wrap around bracelet, great for stacking!

 {Club Monaco - Christina Necklace $89.50}

Another great staple necklace for the office!

New Job New Jacket!

Next week I start my brand new job downtown Toronto; I don't think downtown is going to be ready for me! I admit that working uptown has it perks (close to home, less traffic and less commute) but nobody dresses up uptown! A new job brings new wardrobe right?....... Of course it does! To prepare I bought a new blazer, with leather sleeves!!!

{Theory - Yaisa Classical Jacket $445 available at Holts and Online}

The fit is amazing for my awkwardly shaped torso, fitted sleeves, classic and edgy,zipper shoulder detail and so soft! It will be a great jacket for this ever so cold fall weather and still professional for the office. For $445 it was a great deal!

On Vacation

Okay I won't lie... I have been keeping up with New York Fashion Week BUT I'm just too lazy to blog about it!

Helmet Lang Cheap Finds!

Back when I wrote {THIS POST}about Helmet Lang summer items, I never thought I'd go overboard crazy over his designs! I find his style very easy to wear, comfortable and different. Not saying that I can always afford his items BUT I did recently discover a great place that allows me to afford this garments! Holts Last Call - A place I never use to like is now my new best friend! Again back in THIS POST}I blogged about this sweater below....

.... At $295 it's not really a sweater I'd be able to afford comfortably.... Only 4 months LATER and just in time for the Fall season I found this sweater at the Holts outlet! First - I couldn't believe my eyes because I wasn't able to find this sweater in reg Holts stores. Second - I was blown away at the price! I only paid $40 (plus tax) for this sweater! A completely steal even if I never wear it!!! Not to worry I will wear this sweater a few times at least! SOOOOOOOOO HAPPY!!