On Rotation

Finding a bracelet to fit my tiny wrist is like trying to find water on the moon; pretty much impossible. Correction, finding a bracelet that I would WEAR is like finding water on the moon. I'm always in stores looking at bracelets/bangles and laughing at how massive they are compared to my wrist. I was dead shocked when I finally found something that fit AND I would wear!

{Club Monaco - Left: Harper Bracelet $49.50 / Right: Harper Necklace $79.50}

The Harper bracelet can be worn casually or dressed up and the best part is, it fits! The Harper necklace doesn't sit well on around the neck BUT it does make a great wrap around bracelet, great for stacking!

 {Club Monaco - Christina Necklace $89.50}

Another great staple necklace for the office!

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