Classy And Edgy

At a young age I always knew that jewelry was the key to changing your look. I begged my mother to allow me to pierce my ears at 12 because earrings always added glam to any outfit.

 {Lulu Frost: Crystal & Resin Spike Earrings $190}

These earrings are everything; classy, edgy, modern, vintage, evening and day wearable! For the price of $190 which is a bit much but totally worth it since they are so versatile! If you wear these bad boys 3 times a month, your cost per wear is only $5.2!! Super cheap and worth it for a one of a kind style!

Never Listening To The Hubby

I know I'm on this {shopping Detox} program and all (blah blah blah) and I'm extremely grateful that my loving husband is very happy to support... But sometimes a great classic blouse is something a woman should never pass on.

Case in point:

 {Zara: Tie Print Silk Shirt $69.90}

Hubby even admitted that this was a great blouse, great cut and colour YET I listened and didn't buy this blouse. Why? I don't know why! I'm never listening to that stupid voice of reason again {Bang: Hits Head}. Now I have to make ANOTHER trip to the mall to pick up this blouse and possibly find other items I might want, geezzz you happy now? ARE YOU? Damn you shopping detox!!

My hubby does get extra points for noticing that this print is very similar to Tory Burch!

June 5th Update!!
So I went against the hubby and bought this blouse! I am in love with it! The style and print just screams me! It's great with jeans and underneath a blazer! I know shopping detox blah blah but I will get good usage out of this blouse!!!

Holika Holika

I don't blog much about cosmetics mainly because many other people do that already BUT you just wait to see what I have lined up!!! Introducing {{ Holika Holika }} to Markham, Canada!Yahooooo!

{My first purchase from Holika Holika}

A brand new store just opened up at Pacific Mall  {Markham, Ontario} which exclusively sells all Holika Holika products {a Korean brand}. YouTuber "From Head To Toe" uses a lot of their products which is how I discovered this amazing brand. I just so happened to catch this store before their Grand Opening this Saturday and I'm glad I did. I was able to slowly go through every product without a huge crowd and walk away with everything I wanted! I can only imagine how busy this store will become and how annoying it will be when everything is sold out. Go soon because they are having a Grand Opening Sale, 10% off your total purchase for a limited time!

Product swatch and reviews coming soon!

PS: This is not a sponsored blog entry but I will gladly accept anything free in case your wondering!

Unexpected Surprise

I have searched high and low for a skirt slip to wear under my sheer skirts/dresses with no luck.... I always found it hard to find a slip that was light enough to wear under garments that doesn't add bulk or shape. Everything I did find was shape wear that was too form fitting but provided the right amount of coverage. On a unexpected shopping trip to Walmart my problems were solved.

{Walmart: George Microfiber Skirt Slip $6.96 available in nude, black and white}

This skirt slip is light and provides just enough coverage to hide my undies! For the price of $6.96, you really can't go wrong! I bought one of each colour! This skirt slip would go great with {THIS} skirt....

Marchesa - Jennifer Lawrence

I'm not into teenybopper movies but I am aware of the "Hunger Game" movies. What I'm about to blog about is yes outdated but hear me out.

{Left: Jennifer Lawrence in Marchesa // Right: Marchesa Fall 2012 Ready-to-Wear NYFW}
{Jennifer Lawrence picture from}

I love this red lace Marchesa dress but on a real women {aka Jennifer} this dress doesn't look that great on. Not saying Miss Lawrence looks bad but the dress does look more suited for anorexic models or for a women with more curves. Needless to say I still love the concept of the dress and was very happy that I found something similar at Anthropologie. 

 {Anthropologie: Left: Sunblaze Lace Dress $328 // Right: Sunblaze Lace Skirt $148}

Okay so it's not exactly just like the Marchesa dress but the concept is very similar, more wearable and more fitted towards normal women's bodies. I myself am eying the skirt and just waiting for the opportunity to buy it without the husband knowing!

Jersey Summer

Part of my recovery process is to research my purchases BEFORE buying them... And this is exactly what I'm doing right now, researching my next piece for the summer! I have my eyes set on these jersey pieces by Helmut Lang and I plan on stopping by Holts this weekend to try them out! Going to be very hard to only pick one! I want them all!

 {Helmet Lang - Asymmetrical Jersey Top $185}
I love the look of the asymmetrical top, this style works great with my boxy shape upper body. 
Great for casual or dressed up with the skirt below, Oohh it looks so comfortable and soft!

From the front it's nothing special because the back is the highlight of this top! I love the open back and twist detail at the bottom of the V. I would wear this with jeans or a long skirt.

{Helmet Lang - Asymmetric Ruched Jersey Dress $195}
Soft Jersey would be great for a day at the office or on a weekend lunch date with the hubby.

 {Helmet Lang - Slack Asymmetric Jersey Skirt in Pond and Black $195}
This skirt had me at Hello! In love with jersey skirts for the obvious reasons; soft and oh so comfortable. The twist front and asymmetrical hemline makes it great for any occasion. I'm usually a black kinda girl but the green makes the skirt extra special!

I know this is suppose to be a post about jersey knits but I can't help but want this vintage style sweater! I would pair this sweater with the skirt above or with a long maxi dress. Heck I should just buy this sweater, the green skirt above and the first white jersey top... Why am I even blogging about this???

 {Helmet Lang - Tilt Printed Silk-Chiffon Dress $530}
This is a wild card for me, I have too many silk dresses that go unworn but when I saw this in stores I was completely sold! In person the print is just beautiful and the silk-chiffon feels amazing on the skin. 

Oniomania Treatment - Part 2

As stated in the post {My Problems}I'm beginning to admit to my shopping addiction and hope to detox myself soon... First step towards recovery to informing friends & family! Below is the actual email I sent out to all my friends: {BTW THANK YOU to my friends for your support and encouraging words! It truly means a lot to me, thanks I feel the love}

Dear Friends:

Okay guys, I will finally admit that I have Onionmania problems (an actual shopping addiction) !!! I am trying to reduce my shopping habits and focus on starting a family soon, it's going to be really hard but I'm hoping as my friend that you'll support me....

Here's how you can help
  • Don't take me to the mall or places that I will shop
  • Don't ask me to be a shopping buddy
  • Please don't tell me about great sales happening soon
  • Avoid talking about shopping with me BUT if you need advice on styling I'm more then happy to discuss that
  • If shopping is unavoidable then I will join BUT will not bring my wallet/credit cards or money with me, please do not offer to pay for anything
  • I'm good with shopping for others or baby items but same rule above applies
Again I hope you all will support me with my journey to stop overspending, telling my friends about my issues is my FIRST step... Of course I will be documenting everything on my website So wish me luck!!!!

My Problems

Part 1

I'll be honest... I only started this blog because I truly do have oniomania problems. My wants and needs are completely blurred and blogging helps satisfy my cravings to shop/buy.

 {Only half of what I have}

My problems:

One is never enough: I can never have just "ONE" bag or shoe! I could never have just the one bag for all occasions or a bag that I can use daily or even the one pair of heels for work... First it starts with a coach bag, then Chole, then Chanel, oh wait I missed Prada, Oh a new Chanel bag again, Oh I must have that Victoria Beckham bag, Oh no I promise I'll stop if I get a Birkin! It's a never ending cycle for bags and shoes! I always say the last bag or shoe will always be the last but it never is.

Does this match?:  I often buy so many pieces of clothes that I swear will "match" this event (an event that never happens) and the pieces are to nice to wear daily. I always end up with 10 of the same items but with a slight variation and none of them are a perfect fit for me. My wardrobe ends up being mismatched and I try to make up for it by buying more pieces to fill in the gaps! The same applies for jewellery...

Full closet with tags still attached: My closet is filled with pieces that have the tags still attached to them. It's because of both reasons above and I always feel guilty so I won't end up wearing them. I often try to give away a lot of clothes but end up buying more in return, completely defeats the purpose of giving away things. Sometimes I try to compensate by shopping vintage because it's second hand but even then I go overboard with the purchases and don't end up wearing them all.  

I am going to start a shopping detox program soon,
admitting your problems is the first step.
More to come....

The Met's - Con't

If I ever had the chance to attend the Met Gala AND had a killer body... This is what I would wear

{Elie Saab - Spring 2007 Couture Collection}

Just look at this breathtaking gown! I will always gravitate towards beaded gowns with sheer layers and this dress just does it for me! I would style this with soft loose curls in a messy side bun with pink shoes for colour. Normally I love Marchesa but anything from the Elie Saab Spring 2007 Couture collection wins me over every time. If I could just spend ONE day in the Elie Saab storage warehouse, I'd die happy!

The 2012 Costume Institute Gala - The Met's Gala

Fashion at the Mets Gala always gets me very excited to see who's going to wear what. This is the time to go wild and make heads turn or the time to look completely drop dead glorious! {Either way, you know everyone's been dieting for weeks for this event!} After going through so many pictures from the gala, I have a feeling rich dark pouts are going to make a come back this fall!

My Top Picks of the night

 {Left: Ashley Greene in Donna Karan Atelier -
Heavenly! Simple hair & make up to give her the angelic look}
{Right: Camilla Belle in Ralph Lauren - Old Hollywood Glam with dark lips}

{Left: Emily Blunt in Calvin Klein Collection - To simple for the Mets, yes but you can't
deny that she looks amazing in that dress! The colour & cut is perfect for her.}
{Right: Farida Khelfa in vintage Schiaparelli - I don't know why I love this dress but I just do!}

 {Left: Emma Stone in Lanvin - She always go against the grain and ALWAYS looks amazing!}
{Right: Kirsten Dunst Rodarte - Unexpected but pleasantly surprised}

{Left: Jessica Stam in Dior - Such a powerful gown}
{Right: Karlie Kloss in Jason Wu - Lace dress with a sheer overlay, beautiful! May I have one Mr Wu?}

 The Wild Cards

{Left: Carey Mulligan in Prada - A very bold dress for a small frame 
but she had to stand out on this important night}
{Right: Chloë Sevigny in Miu Miu - Odd choice but it works}

{Left: Coco Rocha in vintage Givenchy - Bold choice, love the pink hair, she never looks bad}
{Right: Christina Ricci in Thakoon Panichgul - I love the shape of this dress and
overall appearance but Miss Ricci isn't tall enough to carry this look}

The Ugly

{Left: Amber Heard in Zac Posen - The material is too thick and the
contouring lines seem out of place around her chest & waist}
{Right: Beyoncé Knowles in Givenchy Haute Couture - She may be
"People's most beautiful woman" this year... But not in that dress!}

 {Left: Elizabeth Banks in Mary Katrantzou - The designer seems just as confused as I am!}
{Right: Jessica Biel in Prada - She looks like she's attending a wedding
not the Met, also the hemline should have been taken up at least 4 inches}

{Left: Kristen Stewart in Balenciaga - I don't even know where to start! Wrong on so many levels}
{Right: Sarah Jessica Parker in Valentino Haute Couture - So that's where my mom's curtains went!}

This Fall's makeup trend: Dark lips

 {All pictures taken from}

The Mets Gala - 2012

I must say this is THE worse dress of the night! Yes she's tall and super skinny but look at her hip! Her bone is sticking out and I can't understand why she would wear that. I myself would not feel comfortable or confident if I had no fat and bone was sticking out, yuck!

Anja Rubik in Anthony Vaccarellou

Crown Jewels

What I wore to work: 2011 Spring Adam Lippes Jewel Neck Silk Blouse
With a neckline like this, who wouldn't love this shirt?

Head Strong

I have always been fascinated with chained/jeweled headpieces, way before a certain fame-loving reality star wore one on her wedding day. I just love how it adds sparkle to your face and instantly draws attention to your eyes. I also love how you can rock this look on your wedding day or casually going out!

 {Alicia Keys wearing a diamond headpiece on her wedding day)

{Christina Aguilera wearing a necklace as a headpiece}

I admit that I'm not brave enough to wear this look confidently like Alicia or Xtina but I'll try it someday. I think I'll try something simple first before venturing off into more daring styles. 

 {Top: $13 by ravenevejewelry on Etsy} 
{Bottom: $24 by PLUMEUPHORIA on Etsy}