Oniomania Treatment - Part 2

As stated in the post {My Problems}I'm beginning to admit to my shopping addiction and hope to detox myself soon... First step towards recovery to informing friends & family! Below is the actual email I sent out to all my friends: {BTW THANK YOU to my friends for your support and encouraging words! It truly means a lot to me, thanks I feel the love}

Dear Friends:

Okay guys, I will finally admit that I have Onionmania problems (an actual shopping addiction) !!! I am trying to reduce my shopping habits and focus on starting a family soon, it's going to be really hard but I'm hoping as my friend that you'll support me....

Here's how you can help
  • Don't take me to the mall or places that I will shop
  • Don't ask me to be a shopping buddy
  • Please don't tell me about great sales happening soon
  • Avoid talking about shopping with me BUT if you need advice on styling I'm more then happy to discuss that
  • If shopping is unavoidable then I will join BUT will not bring my wallet/credit cards or money with me, please do not offer to pay for anything
  • I'm good with shopping for others or baby items but same rule above applies
Again I hope you all will support me with my journey to stop overspending, telling my friends about my issues is my FIRST step... Of course I will be documenting everything on my website http://oniomaniaproblems.blogspot.com So wish me luck!!!!

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