High VS Low

Which would you rather?

{Left: Lulu Frost - Crystal & Resin Spike Earrings $190}
{Right: Forever 21 - Rhinestone Panel Studs $6.80}

Spice It Up

Some items I'm considering, nothing major just cheap items to spice up my wardrobe

{Forever 21 Necklaces: Left - Pearlescent Bib $18.80 // Right - Geo Cutout $11.80}

Two different necklace styles that would work great with silk blouses and work dresses. Yes these inexpensive necklaces will fade and discolour but for under $20... Wear it for a season and move on!

 {Forever 21 Buttoned Handkerchief Hem Skirt $27.80}

This season is all about high-low skirts so I find this style refreshing. It's a hint of vintage and just my style! My only concern is the skirt length, I'm only 5'1 so this might be to long on me.

Perfect Timing

As mentioned {Here} I've been really into wedge heels lately. I just so happen to be on HauteLook today and realized that one of the wedge heels I had my eye on was on sale (Original price $188 but $65 online). The deal was to good to give up so I ordered them! Can't wait to wear them with summer dresses and shorts.

I'm usually not a big fan of online shopping but HauteLook is a great place to find deals and unique styles. Sign up for HauteLook and take a look around!

Walking On a Cloud

I know super high heels and comfortable don't end up in the same sentence BUT it does! I was able to wear these heels all day at work AND go shopping for 3 hours after work AND my feet didn't hurt at all! It was amazing! If that doesn't convince you, I wore these heels to a wedding from church to reception dance AND my feet were still fine!

I was that crazy girl who wore these heels for a full 10 hours and didn't complain once! Yes 5 inch heels ARE comfortable and I would do it again... Having such a high platform does help with comfort but it's really the soft material that made my feel like heaven. For the sale price of $41.99, I am definitely buying a back up pair! Since Aldo is on sale... I think I'm going to pick up these too! Such a nice shape!

Out Partying

When it comes to partying my best friend Michelle does it best. Last week for her birthday we celebrated for 3 days straight (something she does every year) and we wore these outfits on day 2. 

{Top Left: Michelle wearing a BCBG dress}
{Top Right & Bottom: Me wearing a Mendocino Dress}

This dress is loose fitting on top with a semi tight gold sequins skirt. Best part of the dress is of course the back! I only wish the front was double layered to give more coverage!!

Net-A-Porter Sale

Early this year while in Las Vegas I picked up the DVF Kaya Large Mesh Bag (which I love) but secretly I wanted the Sporty Drew Python-Effect Leather Tote.

 {Left: DVF - Kaya Large Mesh Bag $200 // Right: DVF - Sporty Drew $519 on sale}

I picked up Kaya because 1) the price was just right and 2) I was in need of a yellow bag (Okay I didn't really NEED a yellow bag but I didn't have any yellow bags at the time). In Vegas the Sporty Drew was originally $865 and I just couldn't justify spending that on a casual bag. The Sporty Drew is a great colour, casual and could match a lot of outfits but the price just didn't grant a purchase. Needless to say I've only worn my Kaya mesh ONCE and the colour/style is harder to match. Great new is the Sport Drew is now on sale at Net-A-Porter!!! With tax and shipping the bag is only around $600 which is still cheaper then the original price. My only problem now is; how am I going to buy this bag without the hubby noticing?

Ver upset! The bag is sold out online!!!

Fresh Silky Hair

Have you ever coloured your own hair at home or used a box of hair-dye on someone else? If you answered "No" to this question then please ignore this post because you won't understand {Sorry}.

Okay to those who HAVE coloured your hair at home prepared to be amazed!

Every box of hair-dye includes a super concentrated conditioner tube that is just heaven sent {You know what I'm talking about}. This tiny tube of conditioner always leaves your hair feeling silky smooth and shiny, your hair will feel and look camera ready. Sometimes I try to savor the tube by apply tiny bits instead of using half the tube at once then the other half two weeks later. I always prayed that companies would make this miracle conditioner available without dying my hair and finally my prayers have been answered!

My over blown/straighten, dry and damaged hair really need help to restore its luster and shine. I was feeling cheap so I bought this LaCoupe hair masque at either Shoppers or Walmart for under $5. I was ready to leave this masque on overnight thinking it wasn't strong enough but boy was I wrong! This masque is just like the super conditioner in a tube and I can't believe how inexpensive it is! What a deal and great product for my hair! I definitely recommend everyone to go out and back this ASAP! I look forward to using the entire line from LaCoupe.