Fresh Silky Hair

Have you ever coloured your own hair at home or used a box of hair-dye on someone else? If you answered "No" to this question then please ignore this post because you won't understand {Sorry}.

Okay to those who HAVE coloured your hair at home prepared to be amazed!

Every box of hair-dye includes a super concentrated conditioner tube that is just heaven sent {You know what I'm talking about}. This tiny tube of conditioner always leaves your hair feeling silky smooth and shiny, your hair will feel and look camera ready. Sometimes I try to savor the tube by apply tiny bits instead of using half the tube at once then the other half two weeks later. I always prayed that companies would make this miracle conditioner available without dying my hair and finally my prayers have been answered!

My over blown/straighten, dry and damaged hair really need help to restore its luster and shine. I was feeling cheap so I bought this LaCoupe hair masque at either Shoppers or Walmart for under $5. I was ready to leave this masque on overnight thinking it wasn't strong enough but boy was I wrong! This masque is just like the super conditioner in a tube and I can't believe how inexpensive it is! What a deal and great product for my hair! I definitely recommend everyone to go out and back this ASAP! I look forward to using the entire line from LaCoupe.

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