Oscars 2012

Oscars; the night were everyone gets dressed up look their best! Here are my favorite picks of the night and some "What was she thinking?" outfits too!

{Maya Rudolph: Great colour and great shape}

{Natalie Portman: I felt this outfit was boring. Her hair looks flat and the polka dot dress failed to impress}

{Jennifer Lopez: Too much bronzer and terrible dress.
She's extremely fit but this dress isn't age appropriate}

 {Octavia Spencer: Always a winner, perfect hair & dress, the beading works amazing with her body}

{Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie: They always look amazing but what's up with her hair?
She needs to comb it}

{Michelle Williams: Always cute and perfection}

{Emma Stone: Not many people liked her dress but I think it looks amazing on her}

{Penelope Cruz: Whimsical and grand, that's how she always looks on the red carpet}

{Rose Byrne: I love everything from the waist up, her hair, make up and one shoulder looks great on her... The bottom was a fail, the shoes and draping of the dress just doesn't cut it}

 {Gwyneth Paltrow: Hands down THE best dressed of the night! She looks like a modern goddess! Sleek lines, perfect hair and make up. Her dress had a built in cape.. Such an original dress!

All pictures taken from Oscars.com

Jason Wu for Target, Toronto Pop-Up Shop

It was all over the news, the hype, the large crowds of people all waiting for Jason Wu for Target.

Part One

11:30 AM I arrived at the 363 King St West Jason Wu pop-up shop expecting a large crowd but was pleasantly surprised that the rush of eager people haven't arrived yet. The shop was set to open at 12 PM and even though lots of people are surrounding the building, no more then 100 people were actually in line. 

{The front of the line}

 {Me at the back of the line with 100 or so people in front of me}

{Large Target sign that no one could miss}

{Eagerly waiting in line}

While waiting in line, Target employees cleverly passed out free Target swag (Flyers, hot chocolate and a stuffed toy Target dog) for customers waiting in line. It was a well orchestrated event, may employees were around to keep the line moving, people coming around to collect garage, employees chatting with the crowd to keep people busy and the best of all, Bulls-eye the dog came around greet his guest.

News reports and bloggers walking up and down the line trying to get customers interviews and snapping away pictures of the enormous line. The spectacle around this pop-up shop grew a crowd around the line ups, black SUVs parked beside the shop only meant that Jason Wu himself was in the building. Overall my total wait time was under one hour, by 12:30 PM I was inside shopping the collection! Keeping in mind I had arrived at 11:30 AM, by the time I reached the front almost 300 plus people were behind me! The line up behind me was unbelievable!

{Line up behind me, starting growing at noon}
{Free hot chocolate in a Target logo cup}

{Side of the building with Target window decal}

{Bulls-Eye walking around greeting guest}

 {Free Bulls-Eye dolls given out}

{Katie Simpson from CP24 reporting on site}

Jason Wu for Target, Toronto Pop-Up Shop

Once I reached the front of the line, staff reminded everyone that each person may only purchase up to 3 items. BUT a limited edition $10 Target tote bag would not count towards your 3 items and you may purchase as many as you wish. Let's not forget, all proceeds from the sale goes to United Way Toronto.

{Cat poster at the front door}

Now let's get to the good part! Clothes! {Click here to view the entire collection for Target}

 The shirt is very boxy, fits big, lacks shape and could be worn best tucked in. 
Many around me were complaining about this shirt's shape. {Available HERE}

 This dress looks great in the photo but also lacks shape. Only thing I like about this piece is the pearl neckline. The rack was full of this dress {Available HERE} 

 This skirt was on my "To Buy" list but once I tried it on, I was completely disappointed. 
The pleats on this skirt are terrible and the band on this skirt was stiff. I found the waist band to small and the thick material made the pleats flare out more. {Right Picture} The thin model looks bloated in the stomach due to the stiff waist band and poorly made pleats. {Available HERE} If you want to look preggo

Many women around me {Thin and meaty} were trying this shirt on and nobody looked happy with it on. It's a boxy cut and the arm holes were too big on most women. {Available HERE}

 I had seen a women try on this dress and it looked amazing on her...She looked about 5'7 and was ultra thin.... I think this dress would look best worn open with a tank top and shorts {Available HERE}

 {Left: navy with flower detail // Right: Black with lace detail}
This trench was in everybody's hands, for $45 CDN you can't go wrong. The detailing makes the coat more unique and the buttons say "Jason Wu" on it. The coat is thin and the size runs large, something to keep in mind...the coat flares out at the waist. {Available Navy HERE and Black HERE}I bought this in black.

 For a $20 blouse I am impressed. If worn without a thick tank top {Top right} it has a very nice flow. When worn with a tank top underneath {Top left} it looks boxy. Most women trying on the top complained about the top being too boxy, I personally liked it. I like the shape, neck bow tie and the fine detailing on the sleeves. Again for $20 it's a great blouse to wear alone or under a blazer.
 {Available Navy HERE and Pink HERE}I bought this in navy.

 Save the best for last. I can't believe after all that lining up and madness, the only thing I'm excited about is this scarf! I love it! The material and the pattern, only for $10! This is the only item I know I will get the most use out of. {Available HERE}

Over all the experience was worth the trip downtown but the collection isn't. I over heard many women saying the collection was cheap, poorly made and the sizing was off. I haven't purchased or tried on any clothing from Target so I can't compare it to other Target clothing but I do know it's not something I'd purchase normally. Since it was all for charity my purchase was kinda all worth it.

Light as a feather

This beautiful silk dress makes me yearn for warmer weather and sunshine (I just need to get away from this Toronto snow... Now!). I am a sucker for silk dresses and Anthropologie, so of course I would naturally want this dress. The front has a panel to avoid unnecessary cleavage, coloured waist and sleeve bands and cleverly placed feathers to block possible undies showing through. {Click Here} to pick up this silk dress for $268 USD from Anthropologie for your warm vacation!

 {Hera Feather Dress $268 at Anthropologie}

Money Tree

Ever so often I come across items that make me think "Who on earth would pay for this?" and I really would like to know the answer to that. Some people must have money growing on trees to afford items like this.... Lanvin Jersey T-shirts that cost $820-$1,180!!!  Both items are being sold on Net-A-Porter.

{Left: Embellished Jersey T-Shirt by Lanvin $820 USD available HERE}
{Right: Embellished Jersey T-Shirt by Lanvin $1,180 USD available HERE}

Pop-Up Shop

Jason Wu for Target, Toronto Pop-Up Shop

My crazy adventure story coming soon.......