Oscars 2012

Oscars; the night were everyone gets dressed up look their best! Here are my favorite picks of the night and some "What was she thinking?" outfits too!

{Maya Rudolph: Great colour and great shape}

{Natalie Portman: I felt this outfit was boring. Her hair looks flat and the polka dot dress failed to impress}

{Jennifer Lopez: Too much bronzer and terrible dress.
She's extremely fit but this dress isn't age appropriate}

 {Octavia Spencer: Always a winner, perfect hair & dress, the beading works amazing with her body}

{Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie: They always look amazing but what's up with her hair?
She needs to comb it}

{Michelle Williams: Always cute and perfection}

{Emma Stone: Not many people liked her dress but I think it looks amazing on her}

{Penelope Cruz: Whimsical and grand, that's how she always looks on the red carpet}

{Rose Byrne: I love everything from the waist up, her hair, make up and one shoulder looks great on her... The bottom was a fail, the shoes and draping of the dress just doesn't cut it}

 {Gwyneth Paltrow: Hands down THE best dressed of the night! She looks like a modern goddess! Sleek lines, perfect hair and make up. Her dress had a built in cape.. Such an original dress!

All pictures taken from Oscars.com

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