Will Work For Shoes - Rant

The most foul words to an oniomaniac is not "Sold Out".... It's "No longer being produced in YOUR SIZE"

I can deal with "Sold Out" because most of the time designers will supply the demand and the item will come back in stock. It's worse when the item is new, sold out and no longer being produced in YOUR SIZE; plus I live in Canada which means I'll never find it in stores! Why? Because Canada doesn't carry most designer items that I like =(

Let's begin with Exhibit A:

My Story: I first laid eyes on these babies two years ago at Holt Renfew but in brown leather. The shoe was on sale for half the price and just in my size! Still I knew I wouldn't get any wear out of brown sandals and opted to search for a black pair. While on vacation in Las Vegas I popped into the YSL store to inquire about these beauties and was told black leather was no longer available but patent leather is. Refusing to give up I kept searching and finally while in Miami (vacation again), I finally found them! But of course it was full price and a half size bigger than what I needed! Long story short, I should have just bought the brown pair and bought more clothes to match it. Good news is the YSL website is now selling the shoes again but Bad news is they don't ship to Canada..... Wonderful.

Exhibit B:
My Story: I have never seen these shoes in person but I love them regardless. I found them on the Christian Louboutin website and of course my size was sold out. So I did what any oniomaniac would do, put myself on the waiting list (A glimpse of hope) and waited. I have a pair of Pigalles and I love them to death; even though I can barely walk in them. Being in Canada these shoes are available or sold in stores, not Davids nor Holts; so my only hope is online. After checking many times they finally appeared online again! I rushed to search for my size but to my luck only a half size up & half size down (from my size) was available. Annoyed, I clicked on the "Chat Now" button on the Louboutin website and demanded an answer! Only to be told the most foul words to ever be spoken: Pigalle Plato 120MM in Hot Pink is no longer available in your size AND will no longer be produced in YOUR SIZE. End of story.......... My life sucks.

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