Aritzia Presale!!!

It's the most wonderful time of the year!! The Aritzia pre-sale was last weekend!! I use to be TNA girl but with age I've gown into a Babaton women and now turned into a Wilfred Free Mom.

Every year during the pre-sale, valued customers are given a free gift with purchase. My most loved gift are my Aritzia beach towels but this year's gift is just something special. You can choose between 5 different colour wallets OR a donation made to support local charities. This is the first year I've seen a donation option!! So amazing!

Now to the good stuff!! This is what I've purchased this weekend.
Babaton GALEN CAMISOLE | AritziaWilfred SÈVRES BLOUSE | Aritzia
{Left: Babaton GALEN Camisole - $60 from Aritzia}
{Right: Wilfred Sevres Blouse - $65 on sale from Aritzia}

I like a light airy style so I went up a size in these tops. Both are polyester so easy to wash and won't wrinkle!

Azure Skies CROPSEY ROMPER | Aritzia
{Azure Skies Cropsey Romper - $65 from Aritzia}

My first time purchasing a Azure Skies item so I went up a size because I wasn't too sure how this would wash. It's a very light rayon material and sometimes rayon shrinks in the wash. 

Babaton CURTIS DRESS | AritziaLittle Moon COSMOS DRESS | Aritzia
{Left: Babaton CURTIS Dress - $125 from Aritzia}
{Right: Little Moon Cosmos Dress - $125 from Aritzia}

Both are polyester and I actually went down a size in these dresses. I normally go with Med for dresses because I need more room in my mid section, however these dresses are really loose fitting. The Little Moon has a cinched waist but it doesn't cut off circulation and the Curtis dress is A-line!

Babaton ZAYN TANK | AritziaBabaton SAMI T-SHIRT | Aritzia
{Left: Babaton ZAYN Tank - $40 from Aritzia}
{Right: Babaton Sami T-Shirt - $40 from Aritzia}

Not so Basic MOM shirts that feel amazing! Love shirts with spandex!

Tna ALDER T-SHIRT | Aritzia        Levi's 501 SHORT BLUE EXPLORE | Aritzia
{Left: Tna ALDER T-Shirt - $19.99 on sale from Aritzia}
{Right: Levi's 501 Short Blue Explore - $45 on sale from Aritzia}

True Story: I tired on the Levi's shorts and asked a random stranger if I'm too old for these booty shorts. Turns out I still look early 30's! I purchased these Levi's in a size 30 so it wasn't short short shorts. 

Next Time

Because I like to torture myself, here's my wishlist for the week... Meaning I want to go back and buy more!

Babaton MAXIMILLIAN JUMPSUIT | Aritzia         Babaton ETIENNE DRESS | Aritzia
{Left: Babaton MAXIMILLIAN Jumpsuit - $185 from Aritzia}
{Right: Babaton ETIENNE Dress - $85 on sale from Aritzia}

I'm so dumb for not buying the Maximillian jumpsuit!! Going back ASAP to buy this!

Azure Skies TABATA JUMPSUIT | Aritzia          Sunday Best RALEIGH DRESS -LONGSLV | Aritzia
{Azure Skies TABATA jumpsuit - $70 from Aritzia}
{Sunday Best Raleigh Dress - $65 on sale from Aritzia}

Didn't see this in stores so very tempted to buy these online and I rarely buy things online that I can't return!

Little Moon STELLERA DRESS | Aritzia          Wilfred Free IZABEL ROMPER | Aritzia
{Left: Little Moon Stellera Dress - $72.25 on sale from Aritzia}
{Right: Wilfred Free Izabel Romper - $65 from Aritzia}

Note: I tried on the Stellera dress and the waist was soooo small and I feel like I could live in Izabel romper!

Wilfred Free SIMONA DRESS | Aritzia          Wilfred Free ELAINA DRESS | Aritzia
{Wilfred Free SIMONA Dress - $35 on sale from Aritzia}
{Wilfred Free ELAINA Dress - $60 from Aritzia}

Because I'm a basic lazy mom :)

Last Pair!!

The clothing retail business has really changed in the last 10 years. E-Commerce is still new to me, I prefer visiting the stores in person to touch and feel my clothing items (Online pictures are so deceiving, it's hard to tell the quality of a product through photos). What I do like about E-Commerce is the stock availability online checks, gone are they days of visiting 3-4 stores just for 1 store or asking the sale associates to check other stores for the item. I love that most stores give the customers the power to check their inventory stock online... I'll still go to the store to buy it!

Tiegan Metallic Embossed Leather Sandal
{Tiegan Metallic Embossed Leather Sandal by Michael Kors - $99 on sale now}

I rarely check but I found this beauty online and actually found a pair in my area in my size!! RARE! For $99, I really can't go wrong! While most people will be put off with the snake effect and black/gold combo, this just screams me!!! It's a nice high heel, good heel arch, drama, glam and inexpensive! Even more rare, I don't buy Michael Kors products very often so extra special! 

Other sale shoes I'm considering

Bella Ruffled Metallic Leather SandalBella Ruffled Leather Sandal
{Left: Bella Ruffled Metallic Leather Sandal - $99 on Sale at Micheal Kors}
{Right: Bella Ruffled Leather Sandal - $99 on Sale at Micheal Kors}

Alice Leather SandalKeaton Perforated Leather Slip-On Sneaker
{Left: Alice Leather Sandal - $129 on sale at Michael Kors}
{Right: Keaton Perforated Leather Slip-On Sneakers - $99 on sale at Michael Kors}

Helene Tie-Dye Leather Pump
{Helene Tie-Dye Leather Pump - $299 on sale at Michael Kors

For The Love of Coach!

10+ years ago my very first so called designer bag was from Coach (white clutch below). It was $400 USD from the Buffalo Coach Outlet and I just HAD to have it. I won't lie, I still love it today but rarely find the occasion to use it. I've had a lot of Coach bags since but memorable Coach bag is the pink shoulder back below. Something about the pearly pink leather, gold hardware and girly design really caught my eye. I haven't seen anything similar from Coach before so I still hold on to this bag. 

Times have changed and my taste in designer bags have changed drastically. As the brand became more and more mainstream, I had lost my connection to the brand and never looked back... Until two weeks ago. Yes I've noticed the brand and design changes in Coach recently but it wasn't enough to draw me into the stores. I was out Mother's Day shopping with my mom and we ventured into Coach, much to my surprised I was shocked to how different the brand is now. The designs are back to basic focusing on classic silhouettes and more focus on leathers versus canvas.

Image result for coach rogue shoulder bag
Coach Rogue Shoulder BagCoach Rogue Shoulder Bag Alternate View 2
{The Rogue Shoulder Bag in Black by Coach $700}

There is just something about this bags that makes me want to love Coach again! Love the grain leather, the simple silhouette and chain strap detail. I love it so much I even told my husband about it and I rarely tell him unless I REALLY want it. 

Coach Cooper CarryallCoach Cooper Carryall
{Left: Cooper Carryall in leather Dusty Pink by Coach $700}
{Right: Cooper Carryall in Suede Heather Grey by Coach $700}

I kind of want both!! Pink for the summer hot months and grey for the fall/winter months! I am in love with the bag shape and colours!!!

On sale now!

Coach Bandit Hobo 39Coach Bandit Hobo 39 Alternate View 2
{Bandit Hobo 39 in Heather Grey by Coach on sale for $410}

Looks like a really easy to wear hobo bag that's classic and elegant... Until you see maroon removable leather pouch. I would buy this for easy to go mommy days and just give the ugly leather pouch to any random person.

Coach Prairie SatchelCoach Chelsea Crossbody
{Left: Prairie Satchel in Bright Pink by Coach on sale for $177}
{Right: Chelsea Crossbody in Bright Pink by Coach on sale for $159}

Real snobby mom talk right now *You've been warned!!!* I'm actually considering both these basic mom bags that scream "I HAVE A KID, I KNOW I DON'T LOOK PUT TOGETHER BUT AT LEAST I'M TRYING".  I need a bag that will carry a water bottle, 10 different toddler snacks, an extra set of clothes, wipes, my massive wallet & personal items (aka my chapstick and self-esteem). Could I just buy one from winners? Absolutely not! Not happening, I'd rather look like a basic try hard mom then give up on my bag game. Yes some MAY say buying a Coach bag is pretty much giving up on myself and yes I could use my other bags but I'd rather my toddler sticky hands NOT touch my pretty bags. 

PS - This post was NOT sponsored by Coach, I'm just reverting to my basic bitch ways.

Target For The Win!

I have a sick obsession with Target! I honestly can't go to the states without going to Target at least once a day, for no apparent reason. I love the variety, styles, price point and did I mention variety already??? I really wish the employees at Target corporate office didn't mess up the Canadian Target business.

I've never purchased Target shoes before but I just picked up these two and I'm pretty excited to wear them! I'm a shoe snob and normally don't put cheap looking styles/material on BUT these kinda passed the test... OR i'm just loosening up my standards, who knows! Hope I don't regret this!

Women's Kona Backless Slip On Loafer Mules - A New Day™ Black - image 1 of 3

 Women's Junebug Backless Mules - A New Day™ White - image 1 of 3
{Junebug Backless Mules by Target in White $22.99 USD}

While I was in Target I also came across this beauty below! Completely unexpected and didn't even realize Hunter teamed up with Target BUT I got something for my little toddler!

Hunter for Target Toddlers' Waterproof Packable Poncho - Blue - image 1 of 8

I have to admit, this jacket is well made and I like the material. It's thick and not the cheap thin material, who knows if my toddler will like but mommy does!

Will Work For Good Jewelry

My latest obsession!! So pretty and dramatic, sexy and larger than life!

opal necklaceOpal BraceletObelisk
{Left: Opal Necklace by PRERTO $320 USD}
{Center: Opal Bracelet by PRERTO $186 USD}
{Right: Obelisk Earrings by PRERTO $125 USD}

Saharsairah II
{Left: SAHAR Necklace by PRERTO $196 USD}
{Right: Sairah II Choker by PRERTO $155 USD}

Emerald Moonlitpearl-blue-ditiLaurel Pearl Danglers
{Left: Emerald Moonlit Earring by PRERTO $218 USD}
{Center: Pear Blue Diti Earring by PRERTO $167 USD}
{Right: Laurel Pearl Danglers Earring by PRERTO $144 USD)

{Iwan Bracelet/Ring by PRERTO $130 USD}