Chanel Dreams

I clearly haven't been on the Chanel website for a long time because I just realized that they now post the prices online!!!!! Nothing is more embarrassing then going into the stores to drool over bags then get all wide eyed "OMG it cost THAT MUCH??" in front of the sales staff. Then you have to play it cool and slowly put the bag down, take a few steps back then run the other way. With prices online I can freakout in the comfort of my own home.

Things I want but can't afford

{Chanel Metal & Crystal Earrings $450 CAD}
Okay I can afford this but it's still crazy

{Bottom Left: Chanel Brooch $685 CAD}

I've always wanted a classic Chanel Brooch. It's too In-Your-Face to wear to work and awkward to wear on the weekends. Guess I have no idea how I'll wear it but I want one just for the hell of it. 

I just NEED this bag. Caviar leather which is a A LOT more durable, I don't think I have this type of pink bag (I might but who knows), gold hardware just screams me and it looks like the bag MIGHT be a cross-body which is mommy friendly. I just need $4,050 plus tax and I'm good to go!

Holy Grail Shoe

Everyone and their cat knows about the Nordstrom Anniversary sale and I've been depressingly trying to avoid it. I just so happen to be at Yorkdale last week and strolled into Nordstrom... Me & Nordstrom = 100% bad news ALL THE TIME. I barely made it past the first shoe display and I was in love.

{Hangisi Jewel Pumped - Hot Pink Satin - Manolo Blahnik $$$$}

Honestly had a Carrie moment at Nordstrom!! The hot pink is my holy grail shoe that I've never been able to find anywhere!! Finally right in front of my eyes were the hot pink and of course not on sale. Here I am holding this shoe looking like a hot mess mom when the sale associates walks by asking if I need assistance.

Me: OMG Yes a size 6.5 please
Sales: Hmmm (Judging my outfit) do you have an event for this shoe?
Me: ... No just for my shoe collection, I'll wear it to work most likely
Sales: Okkay (No seriously thinking I'm crazy)

After checking two stores my sales associate finally softened up and found my shoe!!

My very old iPhone can't even capture the beautiful colour

So the heel is only 105 which is tall but not tall enough for me. Manolo makes heels at 115 but I can't find a 115 in the Hangisi so I'm hoping I won't regret this. Either way it's FINALLY MINE!!!!

My collect isn't complete yet but it's getting there

Go Big

In the middle of a meeting a tall beautiful woman with long brown hair walks in wearing the H&M blouse and my jaw just dropped. I'm now obsessed with big ruffles and exaggerated pieces.

{Pioppo Fire Red Satin Top with Bow $60 at}

 {V-neck Cotton Blouse $59.99 at H&M}

{Poplin Shirt with Asymmetric Ruffles $49.90 at Zara}

Shoe Closet

Let's just take a moment to stare at Queen Mariah Carey's Shoe Room/Closet. 
 All white and gold, nicely organized by style, boots all perfectly aligned together and that pink chair. I proudly admit to spending hours just staring at her closet pictures, it's a masterpiece just perfect.

In my sad attempt to create my own shoe closet, I considered buying the famous Ikea Billy bookcase with glass windows. It's cheap, functional and typical to get the Billy system, however I just wasn't willing to spend the $150 plus on it. After a long time of procrastinating, I finally gave in and went to Ikea to buy the Billy Bookcase. I had everything measured out and was willing to fork out the money for two bookcases, then this happened. I just so happened to walk into the "AS IS" sections and found this beauty! $39 for the Hindo cabinet and it has glass doors! Bonus! I quickly loaded my cart with all the Hindo sale cabinets I could find (I found 3) and raun off to pay like it was an Ikea commercial.


Okay so this isn't the best picture but here it is! The start of my shoe room! Metal shelf's will be easier to clean than white shelf's. I like to keep shoe boxes so having space below and above the cabinet helps. Regardless of the pros & cons, nothing beats $39 a cabinet!!! This just means more money for more shoes!

La Petite Garçonne

Sometimes random Buzzfeed articles are great way to discover new places or stores. I randomly came across this Montreal based store 1861 that sells Vintage style clothing and instantly fell in love. During my vintage stage, I would constantly stalk their website for styles but never followed through with purchasing because... Well I'm not much of an online shopper, I need to actually go into the store and try things on. I like to feel the fabric, see the sewing and inspect the material.

They opened up a second store call La Petite Garçonne which is like Aritzia but WAYY cheaper. Again I haven't actually bought anything AS-OF-YET but any one of these might make me pull the trigger.

{Left: Edessa - Charcoal Fitted Dress $39}

BCBG 40% off sale items!

It's been a few months since BCBG closed in Canada but I'm just feeling the aftermath now. My go-to store is gone and the selection at department stores isn't enough for me.

Additional 40% off, my picks!
{Top: Neda High-Low Hem Top $127 plus 40% off at BCBG}

 {Left: Lindee Paisley-Print Romper $233 plus 40% off at BCBG}
{Right: Tyra Scarf Print Romper $194 plus 40% off at BCBG}

 {Jacket: Nova Lace Bomber Jacket $259 plus 40% off at BCBG}
{Pants: Cian Sateen Pant $142 plus 40% off at at BCBG}

 {Left: Kassidee Pyramid-Print Cami Top $142 plus 40% off at BCBG}
{Right: Kalice Leather Wedge Sandals $142 plus 40% off at BCBG}

{Dress: Jenissa Scarf Print Dress $259 plus 40% off at BCBG}

Before discount the total is $1498, after discount is $898.80. All I need is more money and bigger closet. I'm really going to miss all of BCBG flowy pieces and silk tops.