Pantone : Orange

This year is all about Orange {and yellow and green and coral etc}, it's a colourful season! I walked into Sephora yesterday and instantly fell in love with these vibrant orange make up! I'm going back tomorrow to pick up everything orange!

 {Left: Sephora + Pantone - Color Of The Year Blush Duo}
I found this blush very frosted and was hoping for a more matte finish
{Right: Sephora + Pantone - Color Of The Year Eyeshadow Quad}
Bought this already & love all the colours

 {Left: Sephora + Pantone - Color Of The Year Lipgloss Set}
Great to wear with any nude lipsticks

{Right: Sephora + Pantone - Color Of The Year Creme Lipstick
I'm not sure how this lipstick will look but I normally like peaches and corals so I hope this works

{Sephora + Pantone - Color Of The Year Nail Enamel Set
Very excited to paint my nails sparkly orange/coral

Fact VS Fiction

All over YouTube and now your local drug store is the rants & raves about BB Cream. This cream is suppose to be a primer, foundation, moisturizer, sun block, pore minimization, skin refining, whiting and fights wrinkles all in one. That's a whole lot to ask from a cream and I'm not 100% convinced that this cream will deliver all these qualities. Being the oniomaniac that I am, of course I had to go out and try this cream for myself.

My thoughts:
After trying this cream a few times... I can that this is not for me. The Hot pink balm had a grey tint, thick texture, didn't moisturize and looked cakey {heavy} on, not exactly the look I was going for. I admit that I haven't tried this product long enough to test the pore minimization, skin refining, whiting or wrinkle fighting qualities but I highly doubt any miracle cream would be that effective. I would file this BB Cream along with La Mer; a greatly marketed beauty product with a cult following.

My beauty routine is simple face cream {thick or thin depending on the season} and Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Eraser as foundation. Two items and I can achieve moisturized skin, light/med coverage, smooth natural looking skin plus it lasts all day without primer, also it has SPF! I wouldn't look like a super model but at least I'll look like myself without a caked on face.

Giving In

Lately I've been trying to find different ways to change my wardrobe without actually buying more clothes. I'm trying to make a big impact without putting a huge dent in my husbands wallet {because my wallet is far nicer then his}, which is why I've been looking into statement necklaces. I tried to shop on the cheap with forever 21 necklaces {here} but once I saw them in stores I was completely turned off with the quality {I don't know why I even tried in the first place}. Two posts ago I shared two possible snake print necklaces {here} but I haven't worked up the courage to wear that style YET so bought this black & gold necklace below instead. This necklace is dressy and casual for me, can be worn with a t-shirt, silk blouse or a dress. I'm hoping small details like a necklace or belt will help me revamp my over crowded closet and maybe even help me love old favorites again.

{BCBG - Gold & black beaded necklace $98}

Just Peachy

{Victoria Beckham - Tri-tone Leather Shoulder Bag $2750}

Victoria Beckham? CHECK
Nude/neutral colour? CHECK
Gold hardware? CHECK
Leather? Calf & Buffalo Oh yeah CHECK!
Great summer bag? CHECK

Feast your eyes on my next bag! It has everything I want in a summer bag plus it's by Victoria Beckham! This bag will keep me going until my "must have" bag comes back {below} in stores. How I regret buying this bag instead of the Chanel.

{Chanel: Mademoiselle Bag}

Cheap Thrill

I  normally wouldn't gush over a cheap find from Old Navy but I just had to share this one! I found a printed chiffon maxi skirt from Old Navy on clearance for $10.99! It was a no brainier to pick up the skirt {Which just so happen to be in my size} but problem; I don't have any tops to match it. I have worked in retail for years so it's a bit surprising that I don't have a mesh white sweater somewhere to match this cheap skirt.

 A mix of white shirts to match the navy print maxi
 {Top Left: Anthropologie - La Primavera Pullover $98}
{Top Right: Anthropologie - Staggered Gleam Top $58 / I'd wear this tucked in}
{Bottom Left: Anthropologie - Fletching Pullover $88}
{Bottom Right: Anthropologie - Ramona Henley $68 /I'd wear this tucked in also}

{Old Navy - Chiffon Maxi Skirt $18.99 online but $10.99 in stores}

 I'd like these to match the whole outfit
{Aldo - Lemmert $60}

Snake Bite

Because I tend to love big chunky necklaces {As mentioned Here} I couldn't resist sharing these two wonderful pieces that I'm considering. I can't say that I'm a huge fan of snake print {or any type of animal print} for myself but I generally love print in general. Wearing a snake print necklace would be a huge jump for me and I'm sure it's a jump in the right direction


 {ROMAN & Sunstone: Faux Python Multiple Triangle Necklace $120}
This necklace was designed by one of my favorite bloggers Karla from Karla's Closet

Bags - Vintage Night Out

As mentioned {Here} and {Here}, I attended Toronto's very first Vintage Night Out part of Toronto's Fashion Week. Found these two bright bags at I Miss You Vintage on Ossington and I hope to get tons of usage out of them!

Designer bags aren't always my go-to-bags, I'm starting to appreciate more unique and one-of-a-kind pieces now.

{Yellow Clutch: Faux leather $20, it didn't photograph well}

{Tiny Mustard Shoulder Bag $8, can only hold my phone and some cash}

Oniomania Problems Example 1.

Here is Example 1. to why I have Oniomania Issues: A young garden gnome. When I was in the store looking at the pretty display I thought to myself "I must have that for my small garden!" I bought it without thinking if it matches anything and of course... I don't........... PLUS I can't return or exchange it, wonderful. Any ideas what I can do with it?

YSL Really Knows Me

Of course when I thought my love for YSL was completely shattered because of {This incident} and {This one too}, they went ahead and created the perfect shoe for me!

Behold The YSL Tribute Patent-Leather Sandals in Bubblegum Pink available at Net-a-Porter {HERE}!
All hail pink shoes!

Now I really have to buy these shoes regardless of fit! Ahem to my husband who probably never reads my blog; be smart and sign up for wait list on Net-a-Porter size 6 please and thank you!

A Wedge Of Summer

1. Colin Stuart - Platform Espadrille $39 available in 7 colours
2. Spring - Ancar Wedge $50 available in 3 colours
3. Old Navy - Mixed Pleated Wedge $29.94 available in 4 colours
4. Colin Stuart - Platform Espadrille $39 available in 7 colours, same as 1.

5. Steve Madden - Witnes $89.95 available in 4 colours
8. Material Girl Coupland Peep-Toe Wedge Heels $80 available in 2 colours
9. Aldo - Drewel $80 available in 3 colours

11. J Crew - Olympia Suede Wedges $230 available in 4 colours

 Now go get a pedicure!!


Took a stroll along Main St. Markham for the very first time and discovered a few hidden gems. Few stores were abandoned and boarded up but the area was still lively. Proud to say that I am Stanley Fish & Chips very first patio customer this season! I ordered the seniors fish & chips (Which was also considered their lunch portion), tasted delicious because it was perfectly battered and fried. Wore this outfit to enjoy the afternoon in the warm suburban sun and I wish I bought a sweater for the evening. 

{Joe Fresh nautical tee, Banana Republic silk pants & necklace,  Michael Kors eyeshades 
& watch, J Crew bracelet, Tiffany studs and Forever 21 belt}
Discovered a new restaurant called Rawlicious and their grand opening is tomorrow! They will be serving organic vegan dishes; no meat, dairy, refined sugar or wheat! I plan on having dinner there tomorrow and I hope to write a review once I'm done. Try Markham's newest healthy restaurant!

Victoria Beckham

As mentioned {Here} I deeply admire Victoria Beckham's personal style and her fashion line; ever since her Spice Girls days! Year last I had my eyes set on her black structured leather tote with gold hardware but couldn't justify the high price for a new designer bag. Ranging from $1,400 - $11,000 I think it's a very high price for Victoria Beckham bags, she only started her business 3 years ago.

{Victoria Beckham structured leather tote}

This bag is so beautiful, it's basic, mature, classic and cost about $3000! Luck for me I was able to buy this bag on sale and even my husband told me to buy it! NOW my only problem is...  The shape is so bulky it's hard to carry around! If only this bag had a shoulder strap then it would be easier to carry around because this bag can get very heavy.

I Miss You Vintage - Vintage Night Out

Vintage Night Out was a great excuse to head downtown and shop at my favorite vintage store. My first (and only) stop was I Miss you Vintage and I never leave empty handed when shopping there.

I will post up pictures when they come back from the cleaners!

In the meantime here are a few Vintage items from Etsy that I'm considering:

{mituvintage : Cute yellow scarf $14 from esty}

{AtelierSignature : Kimono Box Dress $49.99 from Etsy}

{KarasReliquary: Pearl Cigarette Case/Purse $45 from Etsy}

I am completely obsessed with this cigarette case/purse! Just enough to hold your lipstick, blot papers, ID and cash, nothing else. I have never seen anything like it before, which is why I must have it!

DVF for Baby Gap

Iconic designer + baby clothes = Absolutely adorable

Jump start your young daughter's fashion senses with DVF for Baby Gap. Give her the best designs now and she'll thank you years later when she looks back at her baby pictures. If the prices are too high right now, wait 6 weeks and it might go on sale OR wait for the gap discount days which happen very often.

  {Right: DVF Baby GAP: Belt Romper $53 available in 3 colours}

 {Right: DVF Baby GAP: Wrap Romper $48 available in 4 prints}

The iconic wrap dress that turned DVF into a fashion powerhouse is now available for your little girl. The dress is available for the older girls and the romper is hidden snap buttons inside for the little ones new born - 24 months.

Spring Cleaning - On The Cheap W/ Forever 21

I can't wait to clear out my closet and make space for all my spring/summer items! Every season change I "try" to downsize my closet of unworn, ill-fitting, out of style, ugly items and of course replace it with new ones! I promised myself that I would only spend money on classic quality items that will last but it's hard to resist cheap fast fashion sometimes. I know...... I know Forever 21 is completely inappropriate for my age group but exceptions can always be made right? Here are a few items I'm thinking of adding to my massive closet. Pretty much all these dresses are 100% polyester (which is a huge turn off for me) but I can't help myself from wanting them still.

{Left: Forever 21: Overlay Scoop Dress $27.80}
{Right: Forever 21:  Embroidered Accent Dress $29.80}

Light dresses for a warm night out or pair it with a jacket/cardigan for a cool evening. If you find these styles are to baggy then add a belt to give you a slimmer silhouette OR wear it baggy and eat all you want!

 {Top: Forever 21: Contrast Surplice Dress $27.80}
{Bottom: Forever 21: Sheer Peasant Dress $29.80}
 Never wear these styles without a belt! The belt completes the dress and of course Forever 21 doesn't include a belt with the dress, belt sold separately.
{Forever 21: Flutter Jersey Dress $23.80 in Navy & Orange}

Have you ever bought something and loved it so much that you regret not buying it in another colour? That's how I feel about this dress! I love it so much that I MUST have both colours and it doesn't hurt that it's only $23.80 each.

{Left: Forever 21: Peter Pan Collar Dress $27.90}
{Right: Forever 21: Tiered Shift Dress $27.90}

Be ahead of the fashion game and wear the collared look this spring. Two vibrant spring colours, light weight, can be worn casually or dressed up for dinner, great buy. 

{Left: Forever 21: Birds In Flight Dress $27.90}
{Right: Forever 21: Lace & Pleats Dress $35.80}

The birds dress just screams my name! Loose, light and printed is exactly what I love to wear during the warmer weather. It's a pink base so this dress can be worn with tights in the fall/winter. 
The white pleated dress is just a basic dress that can be worn summer after summer. The belt can be changed to give you different looks and it's a basic classic dress. 

{Forever 21: Scalloped Silk Top $29.80}

I have been obsessed with orange lately and this shirt is silk! So orange, silk, light weight AND scalloped edge? What's not to love?

{Left: Forever 21: Beaded 1 Shoulder Dress $35.80}
{Right: Forever 21: Mod Colorblocked Dress $23.80}

Such  playful dresses for an evening out with friends or a date with someone special. The colour-block dress would be great for a relaxing weekend shopping.

 {Left: Forever 21: Pleated Colorblock Dress $35.80}
{Right: Forever 21: Classic A-Line Dress $7.99}

Two basic dress styles that can transform from day to night. Day add a blazer and night add a statement necklace. For $7.99 for a classic A-Line dress I'll take one in every colour please.

 {Forever 21: Square Stitch Silk Top $29.80 in Salmon & Beige}

Great silk basic to layer with under jackets and cardigans.