Necklace - High VS Low

I normally spend quite a bit on accessories that I might never wear {part of my oniomania condition}. I recently found these two necklaces that I MUST have! A two-toned necklace from BCBG and a fringed necklace from Etsy. {Pictures below} To spending $150 plus on necklaces that I might never wear seems a bit crazy so similar styles at Forever 21 for less! Contemplating if I should but the cheaper ones or just spend the money on the ones I want. Interesting fact: All 4 Forever 21 necklaces would only cost around $50!

 {BCBG: Due-tone necklace $108}
 {Forever 21 Toggle Button Beaded Necklace $10.80}
 {Forever 21 Short Colorblocked Necklace $15.80}

 {threehorses : Native indigo fringe necklace $48 from Etsy}
 {Forever 21: Chain Fringes Necklace $9.80} 
{Forever 21: Crescent Fringe Necklace $17.80}

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