Took a stroll along Main St. Markham for the very first time and discovered a few hidden gems. Few stores were abandoned and boarded up but the area was still lively. Proud to say that I am Stanley Fish & Chips very first patio customer this season! I ordered the seniors fish & chips (Which was also considered their lunch portion), tasted delicious because it was perfectly battered and fried. Wore this outfit to enjoy the afternoon in the warm suburban sun and I wish I bought a sweater for the evening. 

{Joe Fresh nautical tee, Banana Republic silk pants & necklace,  Michael Kors eyeshades 
& watch, J Crew bracelet, Tiffany studs and Forever 21 belt}
Discovered a new restaurant called Rawlicious and their grand opening is tomorrow! They will be serving organic vegan dishes; no meat, dairy, refined sugar or wheat! I plan on having dinner there tomorrow and I hope to write a review once I'm done. Try Markham's newest healthy restaurant!

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