Elie Saab Fall 2012 RTW - Paris FW

Paris Fashion Week
Elie Saab Fall 2012 Ready-to-Wear {View the entire collection Here}

First off; I'm calling my hairdresser for an appointment to get bangs because of this collection. Where to start? How about, I just loved every single outfit; every dress, shirt, shoe, bag, clutch, just about everything from this whole collection. Not a single item I didn't like, I didn't want the show to end! The looks were simple and true to what real women would wear, I know I'd love to wear this whole collection in the Fall. What I enjoyed most was the consistent detailing in each look; flowy garments, the same belt in different colours to match every look and all sheer garments had the same pattern. It's just so easy to mix and match different pieces together, which makes fashion easier for us! 
Beautiful colours + stunning pieces = A great way to end Paris Fashion Week!

My Picks:

 {I want bangs}

 {Left: A line skirt with a dropped waist // Right: Dramatic cape}

 {Wish I was tall enough to wear these looks}

 {Left: Silk blouse with a floor length scarf // Right: Black V neck dress with contrasting knot sleeves}

 {Simple trench coat}

 {Left: Sheer cape sleeved dress // Right: Sexy draping}

 {Love the print}

 {Sexy lace}

 {Right: Daring middle slit}

 {Beaded dresses, I love beaded dresses!}

 {Sheer metallic dresses, underwear might be problem with these dresses}


All pictures taken from Style.com

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