Spring Cleaning - On The Cheap W/ Forever 21

I can't wait to clear out my closet and make space for all my spring/summer items! Every season change I "try" to downsize my closet of unworn, ill-fitting, out of style, ugly items and of course replace it with new ones! I promised myself that I would only spend money on classic quality items that will last but it's hard to resist cheap fast fashion sometimes. I know...... I know Forever 21 is completely inappropriate for my age group but exceptions can always be made right? Here are a few items I'm thinking of adding to my massive closet. Pretty much all these dresses are 100% polyester (which is a huge turn off for me) but I can't help myself from wanting them still.

{Left: Forever 21: Overlay Scoop Dress $27.80}
{Right: Forever 21:  Embroidered Accent Dress $29.80}

Light dresses for a warm night out or pair it with a jacket/cardigan for a cool evening. If you find these styles are to baggy then add a belt to give you a slimmer silhouette OR wear it baggy and eat all you want!

 {Top: Forever 21: Contrast Surplice Dress $27.80}
{Bottom: Forever 21: Sheer Peasant Dress $29.80}
 Never wear these styles without a belt! The belt completes the dress and of course Forever 21 doesn't include a belt with the dress, belt sold separately.
{Forever 21: Flutter Jersey Dress $23.80 in Navy & Orange}

Have you ever bought something and loved it so much that you regret not buying it in another colour? That's how I feel about this dress! I love it so much that I MUST have both colours and it doesn't hurt that it's only $23.80 each.

{Left: Forever 21: Peter Pan Collar Dress $27.90}
{Right: Forever 21: Tiered Shift Dress $27.90}

Be ahead of the fashion game and wear the collared look this spring. Two vibrant spring colours, light weight, can be worn casually or dressed up for dinner, great buy. 

{Left: Forever 21: Birds In Flight Dress $27.90}
{Right: Forever 21: Lace & Pleats Dress $35.80}

The birds dress just screams my name! Loose, light and printed is exactly what I love to wear during the warmer weather. It's a pink base so this dress can be worn with tights in the fall/winter. 
The white pleated dress is just a basic dress that can be worn summer after summer. The belt can be changed to give you different looks and it's a basic classic dress. 

{Forever 21: Scalloped Silk Top $29.80}

I have been obsessed with orange lately and this shirt is silk! So orange, silk, light weight AND scalloped edge? What's not to love?

{Left: Forever 21: Beaded 1 Shoulder Dress $35.80}
{Right: Forever 21: Mod Colorblocked Dress $23.80}

Such  playful dresses for an evening out with friends or a date with someone special. The colour-block dress would be great for a relaxing weekend shopping.

 {Left: Forever 21: Pleated Colorblock Dress $35.80}
{Right: Forever 21: Classic A-Line Dress $7.99}

Two basic dress styles that can transform from day to night. Day add a blazer and night add a statement necklace. For $7.99 for a classic A-Line dress I'll take one in every colour please.

 {Forever 21: Square Stitch Silk Top $29.80 in Salmon & Beige}

Great silk basic to layer with under jackets and cardigans.


Pamela said...

:) i can't wear polyester dresses because if it's really hot and i sweat, i will stink!! polyester and sweat don't mix!! The pics you posted are pretty dresses though... There's a lot of silk dresses in Club Monaco if you don't mind spending your dough there :)

Cindy said...

I was there recently and I didn't see many styles I liked