Runway to Street Styles - New York Fashion Week Fall 2012

Having Oniomaniac has it's pro's and it's con's; one of the best part of Oniomania is being able to find runway looks at a local retail store. Today's store will be Zara! {Ask my husbands for the Con's...}

While going through the Zara website, I was able to find many looks from this past New York Fashion Week Fall 2012 Ready-to-Wear at Zara but of course.. For a lower price! You could wait till Fall to wear these hot styles or you could be ahead of everyone and start wearing them now!

Here are my top picks

{Left: Erin Fetherston // Right: Zara $59.90}

Simple little black dress with a cape twist. Cape sleeved dress, add a belt and a statement necklace and you will have a similar look to the Erin Fetherston dress. 

 {Left: St.John // Right: Zara $99.90}

Black One piece, one full sleeve and other sleeveless: St. John piece is a flowy dress while the Zara piece is a jump suit... Same look: if you wish for a more flowy look don't belt the Zara jumpsuit and add a bright bracelet to complete the look.

Little black dress with a mesh V neck front panel. The DVF has a lower neckline but the Zara dress is more modest and wearable for nights out.

 {Left: St. John // Right: Zara $99.90}

Wide leg silk pants: I am in love with wide leg silk pants but no many can afford silk pants (I know I can't), so the Zara pants are a great substitute {Most likely rayon material}. Best worn with a fitted shirt tucked in.

 {Top Left: 3.1 Phillip Lam // Top Right: Victoria Beckham }

  {Bottom Left: Zara $69.90 // Bottom Right: Zara $69.90}

Fitted blouse with a small collar: Not exactly my favorite but it can be cute when worn with a skirt. I wouldn't suggest wearing this blouse under a blazer due to the small collar.

 {Top Left: Rachel Zoe // Top Right: Sachin + Babi // Bottom: Zara $59.90}

Showing some leg: Take a style lesson from Angelia Jolie's Oscar style and show some skin! {Click here to see what she wore}. The Rachel Zoe and Sachin + Babi skirts only show leg while your doing the catwalk but the Zara skirt will always show leg! The Zara skirt is great for casual days with a tshirt or button up OR go glam with a silk or sequined blouse.

 {Left: Rachel Zoe // Right: Zara $99.90}

Fitted flat front skinny/tapered pants: This look can be found almost anywhere and it's a great look for office work environments.

 {Left: Rebecca Minkoff // Right: Zara $99.90}

Pleated front skinny/tapered pants: This look is comfortable and personally I find more stylist then the previous pants. The pleats add more comfort around the hips and avoids any possible camel toe {Yes I said it... Camel toe.....} from happening.

 {Left: Zara $119 // Right: Zara $79.90}

What's a post without telling you what I WANT from Zara.. This green blazer is a must for fall: boyfriend style blazer so it can be worn casually or dressed up. This simple cream dress can be worn year around, loose fitting with a sexy mesh neckline.

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