Rachel Zoe Fall 2012 RTW - NYFW

New York Fashion Week
Rachel Zoe Fall 2012 Ready-to-Wear {View entire collection HERE}

All hail the queen of fashion/style Rachel Zoe!! Question is where can I pre-order my picks? Think Holt Renfew will be selling these pieces or off to New York for shopping? I need this collection, not want BUT NEED IT. Every single outfit is perfect, hair, style, accessories, fits, fabric and OMG wearable for Fall!
  • Greatly styled pieces are wearable for Fall
  • Less black and more subtle Fall colours; mustard yellow, white, gray & navy
  • Knee high boots
  • Tailored jackets and coats
  • I just want it all!

My picks of half the collection (No seriously, it's 24 out of  46 outfits)

{Tailored jacks and pants}

{A pop of colour with the blouses}
{Left: Love the light grey suit and green blouse}

{Mustard = Must for Fall}

{Short skirts is also a must for Fall, I will be wear both these outfits this Fall!}
{Right: A velvet dress with a silk blouse? Oh yes!}

{I hope that's faux fur}
{Left: a sheer dress on top of pants, unique idea}

 {A simple yet outstanding outfit}

{Flare pants for Fall}

{Nothing special, I just want these}

{Fitted outfits with sequins and faux fur, glamorous!}

          {Long sheer skirts}

{Looks so comfortable and chic}
{Right: The Queen Rachel Zoe}

All pictures taken from Style.com

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