Betsey Johnson Fall 2012 RTW - NYFW

New York Fashion Week
Betsey Johnson Fall 2012 Ready-to-Wear {View the crazy collection HERE}

If you never heard of Betsey Johnson before then by just looking at this collection, you would never guess that she is 69 going on 70 this year! Her age is not stopping her from producing colourful, fun, bright, outgoing and youthful outfits for people of all ages. This collection was mod and disco blah blah.... Who cares this collection was great eye candy!

My top picks:

 {Love both jackets styles}

 {Party dresses I could wear}

 {Yes colourful disco time}

 {Take something plain and add hot pinks to jazz it up}

{So many bright colours but it works}

 {I think both dresses would be so much fun to party in}

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