Donna Karan Fall 2012 RTW - NYFW

New York Fashion Week
Donna Karan Fall 2012 Ready-to-Wear {View the entire collection HERE}

Hello American Mobsters circa 1920's! Such an amazing collection that's unique and sexy! Men's American Mobster transformed into sexy modern women's wear.
  • Lots of double breasted jackets
  • Black, white, grey with some reds
  • Fitted dresses and tailored suits
  • Cute accent hats, white cuffs, short leather gloves and ankle strap shoes
  • A whole lot of attitude!

My top picks:

 {Wow loving these two looks}

 {Candice Swanepoel looking perfect}

 {Thick belts add more to the outfits}
{I would love to dress like this everyday}

 {Sexy black tie event outfits}

 {Red carpet gowns}

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rose said...

i like it a lot. it has a very Italian vibe in my opinion