Oh Victoria

I have been dying to get my hands on this Victoria Beckham Two Tone Clutch forever and sadly it's not available in Canada. Luckily I took a long vacation last month to Florida and found this baby at Neiman Marcus at Bal Halbour Shops. I went during the Black Friday weekend and bought it on sale! Normally $650 but I got it for $350, such a steal!

{Victoria Beckham Two Tone Clutch - Available in many colours at Net-A-Porter - $650}

The Voice

No secret that I am obsessed with The Voice USA and every week I just can't understand why Christina Aguilera can't dress! She's the voice of our generation and with all that money why can't she get it right? Sometimes she's over sexed her style then other days she looks like a grandma, well at least it's better then the previous seasons. Focusing on the good here's one look that she just nailed! Semi natural makeup (for her standards), casual with a sparkle and semi natural (again to her standards) hair.Won't lie I really love the vintage blouse and will be look around for something similar!

The Voice - Get The Look 
Taken from her website: {HERE}

Stylist Simone Harouche:
For tonight's result show, we decided to switch things up and go for something a little different. Christina wore a vintage inspired Isabel Marant crystal chiffon blouse, we dressed down the look with McGuire black denim jeans and christian louboutin heels. Jewels by lorree Rodkin. Hope you guys loved tonight's look!
Celebrity Hair Stylist David Babaii:
Christina's look tonight for The Voice live show was all about a sexy boho feeling. My two secret weapons for this were the T3 Wand and David Babaii Boho Beach Spray. I prepped with a few sprays of the Boho Beach Spray and then created a side part. Using the wand, I curled the hair in different directions, leaving the ends out. This gave her A-line bob a fresh feel! Follow David on twitter

MakeUp Artist Scott Barnes:
Glam rock! Eye shadow in golden goddess from scott barnes with eye ice in super nova also from scott barnes mascara in eyes to kill from Armani lashes by my favorite " page" flutter lashes in mink blush in stop light orange from Inglot lipstick TOM FORD wild ginger!

Ahead Of The Game

Update:  I had no idea WHAT I was thinking buying the Steffy jacket... So I exchanged it for the Valencia jacket, I'm sticking to the classic.

Without fail every winter I find myself scrambling to find a warmer jacket, new gloves and/or better warmer boots. I've only been Canadian and living in Toronto my entire life, you'd think keeping warm in the winter is something I'd be a pro at by now. I do have a Canada Goose jacket (which is worth every penny) that keeps me warm but it doesn't match my work attire and a goose jacket with a pencil skirt isn't a good look for me.

For once I thought ahead and decided to buy a new jacket before snow falls and to ensure I actually get what I want in my size. I'm a creature of habit and always lean towards the same styles but I had the hardest time picking a jacket.

{Mackage - Dale Long Grey Wool Coat $670}

This coat is edgy and classic all in one; Classic trench style coat with leather sleeves. The style caught my eye because it's something different and out of the norm of what I would normally wear. It's a long coat and unfortunately my short torso doesn't fit in this jacket but it's a great style. Might I add this jacket is really comfortable and warm, if it weren't for the fit issue I would have bought this jacket to wear only on weekends. While I'm rambling anyways I have been seeing a lot of coats now that have the leather sleeves but a square body, I understand it's the fashion style right now but why the square body? I like how the Dale has the leather sleeve style and a fitted body or maybe I'm just not in with fashion.

{Mackage - Valencia Black Wool Coat $$650}

 I have a jacket similar to this from Aritiza that I bought 5 years ago. I do love the style because it's something I have already and ready to replace my old ill fitting Aritiza coat. It's not completely fitted around the hips which is comfortable for me, large collar to keep warm and I love the off center zipper. This jacket is a style that I could wear for another 5 years and I wouldn't change a single thing about this coat.

The black sheep; it's completely different then the last two and nothing similar to what I own now... Which is why I actually bought this coat! I don't have any toggle button style coats, the zipper goes all the way up under my chin (I'm going to be soooo warm this winter) and the hood is the best part!! Fun fact I'm a star wars nerd (and Trekkie) and I will totally look like a Jedi this winter! I can't wait to walk around and creep up behind people and whisper "May the force be with you"!!!!! But seriously this is a nice warm jacket with a cool hood.

Just a Name

What's in a name? That which we call a rose...

In modern times a name can be important sometimes; YSL or Saint Laurent is the tough decision I had to make this weekend. Which should I get?

Exhibit A:

{Saint Laurent - Lutetia Flap Clutch $895}


Exhibit B:

{Saint Laurent - Cassandre Leather Clutch $995}



Exhibit A - Textured leather which is something I tend to gravitate towards because I don't take very good care of my bags therefore I need a strong leather. Gold hardware, simple and minimal design. Then of course there's the complete opposite. Exhibit B - Smooth leather which would be a first for me, gold hardware, YSL design which is no longer used and this clutch is actually an inch wider/taller then exhibit A. Both are so different 

The Problem: 

Believe me or not I actually don't like bags with large logos on it BUT I do like bags that are unique and no longer obtainable. So you can see where my problem is; exhibit A is minimal while exhibit B is a style that will no longer be made (Do I really have to explain why?). 

The Verdict:

In the end I ended up with exhibit A although I really wanted both. Being a walking billboard actually bothers me and although the YSL logo is no longer around I couldn't justify adding it to my collection. Which clutch do you like?


I'll be honest; I only want this bag because it's light baby pink, has gold hardware and it matches my blog background colour. Mulberry bags are too casual for me and my Chanel Wallet-on-a-Chain is very similar to this style and colour, except this Mulberry bags is spot on with my blog background colour.

Current Girl Crush

I am madly obsessed with The Great Gatsby Jordan Baker! Yes I am late in the game with the movie's fashion but better late than never! Jordan Baker played by Elizabeth Debicki completely distracted me from focusing on the movie because my eyes were glued to her costumes the whole time! From the hair, make up and clothes, I just loved everything about this character! No surprise that I do adore the 1920's fashion style and Ms Baker is now my idol! Her costumes looks were sexy, bold, powerful and confident. She was feminine but she could eat a man alive just with her eyes, she was feisty.

All That Glitters @ J.Crew

I can't help but love J.Crew jewels and I can never leave without buying a piece or two! Depending on what style of jewelry you like, sometimes the prices aren't too bad. Unfortunately for me I'm mainly attracted to the jewels in the cases which do cost a bit more BUT totally worth the investment. My pet-peeve is poorly made/cheap looking jewelry, not to say it has to be expensive but I look for quality. It's not all about Tiffany and fine jewelry either, I much rather wear costume jewelry over fine jewelry any day!

Glass island drop earrings Octagon bracelet 
{Left: Glass Island Drop Earrings $78 // Right: Octagon Bracelet $65 in Majestic Blue}

Ever since Angelina Jolie wore these beautifully deep emerald earrings by Lorraine Schwartz (Oscars 2009), I have been in love with deep rich jewels! Of course these Glass Island Drop Earrings are no Lorraine Schwartz but in stores they are beautifully deep emerald and good enough for me! The website states the Octagon Bracelet is blue but looks more green to me. 

Crystal leaves earrings Crystal floral garland bracelet 
{Left: Crystal Leaves Earrings $65// Right: Crystal Floral Garland Bracelet $75}

Crystal leaves statement necklace Crystal floral garland necklace
{Left: Crystal Leaves Statement Necklace $175 // Right: Crystal Floral Garland Necklace $115}

Shown above and below are the matching set. I was never a fan of wearing matching earring and necklaces pieces because I always like wearing one statement piece (usually necklaces) with a simple piece to match (usually stud earrings). I always felt that wearing both matching pieces looked tacky and overpowers any outfits I put together. With that being said I do however enjoy wearing matching necklace and bracelets. Maybe it's because the eyes are drawn to two different places that I don't feel overpowered by the matching set.

Spiky rope necklace Deco pendant
{Left: Spiky Rope Necklace $128 //Right: Deco Pendant $75}

These two pieces are definitely statement pieces and best worn with a simple outfit. I can't explain why I fall so deeply in love with large statement necklaces that are just sometimes too ridiculous to wear. Large statement pieces aren't for everyone and sometimes it's a fine line between wearing the pieces and having the pieces wear you. Don't fall victim to statement jewelry crimes; be sure to hold your head up high and smile when wearing statement jewelry. In case your wondering what statement jewelry crimes are (something I totally just made up); it's when someone wears big statement pieces and didn't check the mirror before leaving the house... You know who those people are, you can't miss them. 

Crystal baguette necklace Crystal baguette necklace
{Crystal Baguette Necklace $45-$55 Left:Crystal // Right: Warm Jade}

Translucent flower necklace Translucent flower necklace
{Translucent Flower Necklace $45-$55 Left: Crystal // Right: Mauve Blush}
Above and below are some not so dramatic pieces from J.Crew that aren't in the "case". With that low price point I'm actually considering getting all 4 necklaces because they all can be worn so differently. Yes they are extremely similar in styles but why stick to 1 when you can have 4?

What's blogging about beautiful jewelry without showing you a beautiful person? Here's Angelina Jolie wearing those beautiful Emerald earrings by Lorraine Schwartz at the 2009 Oscars.

The Future of Handbags

Having a child shouldn't end your life or your love of handbags. Sure babies can get messy and you might not want their dirty little hands on the Chanel but they are just so cute! I don't have any kids yet but plan to at some point in life, does it count that I have many friends that DO have kids?

Surprised I wasn't able to find many blogs about "designer" diaper/baby bags! I wonder if Chanel makes baby bags...

When and IF I decided to have kids, I would maybe consider two diaper/baby bags; 1 for the stroller and 1 for non stroller outings. Keeping in mind my decision would be based on appearance and not real life experience functionality, I wouldn't really know what's good until I have kids.

All prices in USD Listing from $ to $$$

{Little Marc Jacob - Preppy Nylon Eliz-a-Baby $348 Available in tons of colours}

I like the large strap to hang off the stroller, large middle section in the bag and it zips up. Looks like a no fuss type of bag, Nylon is great for easy clean up - I'd use this as a back up bag

 {Rebecca Minkoff - Knocked Up Baby Bag $395}

This style is classic, can be used as a baby bag and an office bag!

 {Burberry - Quilted Baby Changing Bag $725}

Both Burberry bags above and below look chic and functional. Lots of storage space, leather straps, easy to clean and light weight materials.  

 {Burberry - Beat Check Nylon Changing Bag $995}

 I like this style bag but can imagine it would be difficult to use hanging off the stroller.

Comes in Navy & Black
{Gucci - Nylon Guccissima Diaper Bag $1,100}

This is what I always imagined a diaper bag would look like; Nylon bag, thick nylon straps, flip top for easy access and lots of space. This is the type of baby bag I would use if going out with the husband because it's less feminine and I don't think he would mind using this. 

 {Prada - Baby Bag $1,140}

Clean lines, easy to clean and light nylon, this is the type of baby bag I would use even after the baby's done being a baby!

 Yes this colour is ugly but shows more details
{Gucci - Nylon Guccissima $1,250 Available in Pink, Black, Navy & Beige}

First I want to say this pink is really ugly with the leather trim. Second I love the style of this bag, easy to access zippers and large pockets all around, plus it's HUGE!

 {Burberry - House Check Baby Changing Bag $1,350}

Not exactly the bag you'd want your child throwing up on but it's exactly the style of diaper bag I'd use everyday!  Why? Because it doesn't LOOK like a diaper bag! On or off the stroller, it looks like a great bag to use! 

Which one would you buy?

Trench Coat

Hands down Burberry makes the best trench coats ever; the style, fit and material is second to none. I love my Banana Republic trench coat but the material just isn't lasting, which is why I'm considering in investing in a Burberry trench. The material is really what makes my heart melt and hubby is happy it's logo/pattern free. Hubby is completely against anything that is branded with logos and for good reason, who wants to be a walking billboard?

Visited the Burberry outlet last weekend and found this trench below in black for only $799, such a huge discount from the regular price. I love black but decided not to buy black for once (rarely happens) and was on the lookout for the Trench or Honey colour. The Burberry store in Boston was selling the exact same trench in black and Honey for $1,550!! Long story short I decided to buy the coat in Canada in the colour I want and not give into black even though it's a lot cheaper. Problem - when will I have time to visit the Burberry store??

{Mid-Length Cotton Gabardine Trench Coat - $1,550 in Black, Trench & Honey}