The Future of Handbags

Having a child shouldn't end your life or your love of handbags. Sure babies can get messy and you might not want their dirty little hands on the Chanel but they are just so cute! I don't have any kids yet but plan to at some point in life, does it count that I have many friends that DO have kids?

Surprised I wasn't able to find many blogs about "designer" diaper/baby bags! I wonder if Chanel makes baby bags...

When and IF I decided to have kids, I would maybe consider two diaper/baby bags; 1 for the stroller and 1 for non stroller outings. Keeping in mind my decision would be based on appearance and not real life experience functionality, I wouldn't really know what's good until I have kids.

All prices in USD Listing from $ to $$$

{Little Marc Jacob - Preppy Nylon Eliz-a-Baby $348 Available in tons of colours}

I like the large strap to hang off the stroller, large middle section in the bag and it zips up. Looks like a no fuss type of bag, Nylon is great for easy clean up - I'd use this as a back up bag

 {Rebecca Minkoff - Knocked Up Baby Bag $395}

This style is classic, can be used as a baby bag and an office bag!

 {Burberry - Quilted Baby Changing Bag $725}

Both Burberry bags above and below look chic and functional. Lots of storage space, leather straps, easy to clean and light weight materials.  

 {Burberry - Beat Check Nylon Changing Bag $995}

 I like this style bag but can imagine it would be difficult to use hanging off the stroller.

Comes in Navy & Black
{Gucci - Nylon Guccissima Diaper Bag $1,100}

This is what I always imagined a diaper bag would look like; Nylon bag, thick nylon straps, flip top for easy access and lots of space. This is the type of baby bag I would use if going out with the husband because it's less feminine and I don't think he would mind using this. 

 {Prada - Baby Bag $1,140}

Clean lines, easy to clean and light nylon, this is the type of baby bag I would use even after the baby's done being a baby!

 Yes this colour is ugly but shows more details
{Gucci - Nylon Guccissima $1,250 Available in Pink, Black, Navy & Beige}

First I want to say this pink is really ugly with the leather trim. Second I love the style of this bag, easy to access zippers and large pockets all around, plus it's HUGE!

 {Burberry - House Check Baby Changing Bag $1,350}

Not exactly the bag you'd want your child throwing up on but it's exactly the style of diaper bag I'd use everyday!  Why? Because it doesn't LOOK like a diaper bag! On or off the stroller, it looks like a great bag to use! 

Which one would you buy?

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