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I can't help but love J.Crew jewels and I can never leave without buying a piece or two! Depending on what style of jewelry you like, sometimes the prices aren't too bad. Unfortunately for me I'm mainly attracted to the jewels in the cases which do cost a bit more BUT totally worth the investment. My pet-peeve is poorly made/cheap looking jewelry, not to say it has to be expensive but I look for quality. It's not all about Tiffany and fine jewelry either, I much rather wear costume jewelry over fine jewelry any day!

Glass island drop earrings Octagon bracelet 
{Left: Glass Island Drop Earrings $78 // Right: Octagon Bracelet $65 in Majestic Blue}

Ever since Angelina Jolie wore these beautifully deep emerald earrings by Lorraine Schwartz (Oscars 2009), I have been in love with deep rich jewels! Of course these Glass Island Drop Earrings are no Lorraine Schwartz but in stores they are beautifully deep emerald and good enough for me! The website states the Octagon Bracelet is blue but looks more green to me. 

Crystal leaves earrings Crystal floral garland bracelet 
{Left: Crystal Leaves Earrings $65// Right: Crystal Floral Garland Bracelet $75}

Crystal leaves statement necklace Crystal floral garland necklace
{Left: Crystal Leaves Statement Necklace $175 // Right: Crystal Floral Garland Necklace $115}

Shown above and below are the matching set. I was never a fan of wearing matching earring and necklaces pieces because I always like wearing one statement piece (usually necklaces) with a simple piece to match (usually stud earrings). I always felt that wearing both matching pieces looked tacky and overpowers any outfits I put together. With that being said I do however enjoy wearing matching necklace and bracelets. Maybe it's because the eyes are drawn to two different places that I don't feel overpowered by the matching set.

Spiky rope necklace Deco pendant
{Left: Spiky Rope Necklace $128 //Right: Deco Pendant $75}

These two pieces are definitely statement pieces and best worn with a simple outfit. I can't explain why I fall so deeply in love with large statement necklaces that are just sometimes too ridiculous to wear. Large statement pieces aren't for everyone and sometimes it's a fine line between wearing the pieces and having the pieces wear you. Don't fall victim to statement jewelry crimes; be sure to hold your head up high and smile when wearing statement jewelry. In case your wondering what statement jewelry crimes are (something I totally just made up); it's when someone wears big statement pieces and didn't check the mirror before leaving the house... You know who those people are, you can't miss them. 

Crystal baguette necklace Crystal baguette necklace
{Crystal Baguette Necklace $45-$55 Left:Crystal // Right: Warm Jade}

Translucent flower necklace Translucent flower necklace
{Translucent Flower Necklace $45-$55 Left: Crystal // Right: Mauve Blush}
Above and below are some not so dramatic pieces from J.Crew that aren't in the "case". With that low price point I'm actually considering getting all 4 necklaces because they all can be worn so differently. Yes they are extremely similar in styles but why stick to 1 when you can have 4?

What's blogging about beautiful jewelry without showing you a beautiful person? Here's Angelina Jolie wearing those beautiful Emerald earrings by Lorraine Schwartz at the 2009 Oscars.

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