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Cut & Paste

What I'm about to post may sound a tad out of this world but hear me out:

I found this dress on Etsy and I can't stop thinking about it!

 {Short Sleeved Brocade Dress by livapo available on Etsy}

Without any styling this dress is hideous but once you add some accessories to it {example below} it's actually a pretty unique stylist dress. Few things I would change like taking out the U neck panel and leave it as a ultra deep V dress OR detach the top and use the skirt only. Either way I love this dress and I think I might order it, maybe even two and dye one black!

Unnecessary But Needed

Fashion has always been my passion, I myself can't understand why I'm working in an office but it pays the bills. I picked up these items below because I couldn't NOT have them {Come on now, wouldn't you want to take them home too?}. I've already spent my whole months pay in shopping and show no signs of stopping. {I'll post my other finds later when I stop crying from my money loss}

{Helmut Lang - Draped Jersey T-Shirt $125 available at NET-A-PORTER}

Yes the description says simple basic T-shirt but it's actually off the shoulder and SUPER soft. I understand that everyone nowadays is selling jersey tops but are they as SOFT and comfortable as Helmut Lang? Highly doubt it, which is why I'm willing to pay good money for quality.

 {Helmut Lang - Drapped Jersey Dress $140 available at NET-A-PORTER)

{I've had my eye on this dress for awhile now} Again super soft jersey feel, mixed with wool {for warmth I can only assume}, fitted shape and pretty cheap for a dress. I'd have to wear this with leggings and blazer for work or else I'd freeze. 
{T Alexander Wang - Silk Georgette Mock Neck Placket Blouse $280}
{Black above and Umber below - Available at Alexander Wang Website}

The one item that blew me off my feet! The detailing of this silk blouse is amazing! {Look below} Mandarin collar that can also be styled half buttoned up, slim silhouette and fitted arms {Which is very hard to find}. I wish I had more detailed shots of this blouse but both pictures don't do it any justice. It's a great twist to a boring classic staple.

Downtown Troubles

Monday starts my 4th week working downtown and I'm already in all sorts of trouble. I'm slowly learning the ins and outs of our lovely transit system but quickly learned to carry a stylist pair of flats with me at all times.

Worse part of working in the downtown core? Being that much closer to Holt Renfrew and shopping! Started my relaxing week early Friday night at Holts and picked up this lovely coat, plus it was on sale!

{Rachel Zoe Cape - Jeni Tie Front $450 on sale- Available at Bloomingdales}

Super soft lamb leather collar and trim, black/gold buttons and soft non-itchy wool. Original price was around $700ish (which isn't too bad) this cape should be worn only during the fall/spring transition. I can't imagine it being too warm but who knows!

I'm still waiting to hear from Burberry about {THIS} coat.

Other notes: Found the Judith & Charles store close to my work... My bank account hates me already!