Trench Coat

Hands down Burberry makes the best trench coats ever; the style, fit and material is second to none. I love my Banana Republic trench coat but the material just isn't lasting, which is why I'm considering in investing in a Burberry trench. The material is really what makes my heart melt and hubby is happy it's logo/pattern free. Hubby is completely against anything that is branded with logos and for good reason, who wants to be a walking billboard?

Visited the Burberry outlet last weekend and found this trench below in black for only $799, such a huge discount from the regular price. I love black but decided not to buy black for once (rarely happens) and was on the lookout for the Trench or Honey colour. The Burberry store in Boston was selling the exact same trench in black and Honey for $1,550!! Long story short I decided to buy the coat in Canada in the colour I want and not give into black even though it's a lot cheaper. Problem - when will I have time to visit the Burberry store??

{Mid-Length Cotton Gabardine Trench Coat - $1,550 in Black, Trench & Honey} 

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