Just a Name

What's in a name? That which we call a rose...

In modern times a name can be important sometimes; YSL or Saint Laurent is the tough decision I had to make this weekend. Which should I get?

Exhibit A:

{Saint Laurent - Lutetia Flap Clutch $895}


Exhibit B:

{Saint Laurent - Cassandre Leather Clutch $995}



Exhibit A - Textured leather which is something I tend to gravitate towards because I don't take very good care of my bags therefore I need a strong leather. Gold hardware, simple and minimal design. Then of course there's the complete opposite. Exhibit B - Smooth leather which would be a first for me, gold hardware, YSL design which is no longer used and this clutch is actually an inch wider/taller then exhibit A. Both are so different 

The Problem: 

Believe me or not I actually don't like bags with large logos on it BUT I do like bags that are unique and no longer obtainable. So you can see where my problem is; exhibit A is minimal while exhibit B is a style that will no longer be made (Do I really have to explain why?). 

The Verdict:

In the end I ended up with exhibit A although I really wanted both. Being a walking billboard actually bothers me and although the YSL logo is no longer around I couldn't justify adding it to my collection. Which clutch do you like?

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