Ahead Of The Game

Update:  I had no idea WHAT I was thinking buying the Steffy jacket... So I exchanged it for the Valencia jacket, I'm sticking to the classic.

Without fail every winter I find myself scrambling to find a warmer jacket, new gloves and/or better warmer boots. I've only been Canadian and living in Toronto my entire life, you'd think keeping warm in the winter is something I'd be a pro at by now. I do have a Canada Goose jacket (which is worth every penny) that keeps me warm but it doesn't match my work attire and a goose jacket with a pencil skirt isn't a good look for me.

For once I thought ahead and decided to buy a new jacket before snow falls and to ensure I actually get what I want in my size. I'm a creature of habit and always lean towards the same styles but I had the hardest time picking a jacket.

{Mackage - Dale Long Grey Wool Coat $670}

This coat is edgy and classic all in one; Classic trench style coat with leather sleeves. The style caught my eye because it's something different and out of the norm of what I would normally wear. It's a long coat and unfortunately my short torso doesn't fit in this jacket but it's a great style. Might I add this jacket is really comfortable and warm, if it weren't for the fit issue I would have bought this jacket to wear only on weekends. While I'm rambling anyways I have been seeing a lot of coats now that have the leather sleeves but a square body, I understand it's the fashion style right now but why the square body? I like how the Dale has the leather sleeve style and a fitted body or maybe I'm just not in with fashion.

{Mackage - Valencia Black Wool Coat $$650}

 I have a jacket similar to this from Aritiza that I bought 5 years ago. I do love the style because it's something I have already and ready to replace my old ill fitting Aritiza coat. It's not completely fitted around the hips which is comfortable for me, large collar to keep warm and I love the off center zipper. This jacket is a style that I could wear for another 5 years and I wouldn't change a single thing about this coat.

The black sheep; it's completely different then the last two and nothing similar to what I own now... Which is why I actually bought this coat! I don't have any toggle button style coats, the zipper goes all the way up under my chin (I'm going to be soooo warm this winter) and the hood is the best part!! Fun fact I'm a star wars nerd (and Trekkie) and I will totally look like a Jedi this winter! I can't wait to walk around and creep up behind people and whisper "May the force be with you"!!!!! But seriously this is a nice warm jacket with a cool hood.

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