Jason Wu for Target, Toronto Pop-Up Shop

It was all over the news, the hype, the large crowds of people all waiting for Jason Wu for Target.

Part One

11:30 AM I arrived at the 363 King St West Jason Wu pop-up shop expecting a large crowd but was pleasantly surprised that the rush of eager people haven't arrived yet. The shop was set to open at 12 PM and even though lots of people are surrounding the building, no more then 100 people were actually in line. 

{The front of the line}

 {Me at the back of the line with 100 or so people in front of me}

{Large Target sign that no one could miss}

{Eagerly waiting in line}

While waiting in line, Target employees cleverly passed out free Target swag (Flyers, hot chocolate and a stuffed toy Target dog) for customers waiting in line. It was a well orchestrated event, may employees were around to keep the line moving, people coming around to collect garage, employees chatting with the crowd to keep people busy and the best of all, Bulls-eye the dog came around greet his guest.

News reports and bloggers walking up and down the line trying to get customers interviews and snapping away pictures of the enormous line. The spectacle around this pop-up shop grew a crowd around the line ups, black SUVs parked beside the shop only meant that Jason Wu himself was in the building. Overall my total wait time was under one hour, by 12:30 PM I was inside shopping the collection! Keeping in mind I had arrived at 11:30 AM, by the time I reached the front almost 300 plus people were behind me! The line up behind me was unbelievable!

{Line up behind me, starting growing at noon}
{Free hot chocolate in a Target logo cup}

{Side of the building with Target window decal}

{Bulls-Eye walking around greeting guest}

 {Free Bulls-Eye dolls given out}

{Katie Simpson from CP24 reporting on site}

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