Nicholas K Fall 2012 RTW - NYFW

Where to start? I was so distracted by the ugly hair and make up that I couldn't focus on the garments! I won't comment on the entire collection; Which you can view {Here} at Let's just go straight to my favorites and "What were they thinking?" picks.
Note: I actually do like most of the collection and would wear them, but the wigs and make up just killed it.

What I liked:

{I would wear these two outfits but without the hats}

The Ugly Make Up:

{I would actually wear these dresses, it's actually quite nice. BUT can someone tell me what was going on with the contouring around the mouth? It makes them both look like vampires or mustache women!}

The Ugly:

{Maybe it's not ugly but I would have styled these garments differently and not together}

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