Cheap Thrill

I  normally wouldn't gush over a cheap find from Old Navy but I just had to share this one! I found a printed chiffon maxi skirt from Old Navy on clearance for $10.99! It was a no brainier to pick up the skirt {Which just so happen to be in my size} but problem; I don't have any tops to match it. I have worked in retail for years so it's a bit surprising that I don't have a mesh white sweater somewhere to match this cheap skirt.

 A mix of white shirts to match the navy print maxi
 {Top Left: Anthropologie - La Primavera Pullover $98}
{Top Right: Anthropologie - Staggered Gleam Top $58 / I'd wear this tucked in}
{Bottom Left: Anthropologie - Fletching Pullover $88}
{Bottom Right: Anthropologie - Ramona Henley $68 /I'd wear this tucked in also}

{Old Navy - Chiffon Maxi Skirt $18.99 online but $10.99 in stores}

 I'd like these to match the whole outfit
{Aldo - Lemmert $60}

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