Giving In

Lately I've been trying to find different ways to change my wardrobe without actually buying more clothes. I'm trying to make a big impact without putting a huge dent in my husbands wallet {because my wallet is far nicer then his}, which is why I've been looking into statement necklaces. I tried to shop on the cheap with forever 21 necklaces {here} but once I saw them in stores I was completely turned off with the quality {I don't know why I even tried in the first place}. Two posts ago I shared two possible snake print necklaces {here} but I haven't worked up the courage to wear that style YET so bought this black & gold necklace below instead. This necklace is dressy and casual for me, can be worn with a t-shirt, silk blouse or a dress. I'm hoping small details like a necklace or belt will help me revamp my over crowded closet and maybe even help me love old favorites again.

{BCBG - Gold & black beaded necklace $98}

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