Will Work For Shoes - Rant complete

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These babies haunt me in my dreams.... From my first rant {link at the top of this post} I was unsuccessful in finding the YSL sandals anywhere in black leather or in my size. Almost giving up hope, I finally found a pair in black leather AND in my size! My heart pounded and sweat dripped down my neck: I was finally able to try on the shoe that haunted me! I saw these shoes just sitting there on display, high on a shoe pedestal, just glowing from all the spot lights above. My eyes were in disbelief so I quickly dashed towards to the shoe and held it in my hands. A voice from behind me asked "Would you like to try them in your size?", I swirled around and yelled "Yes Yes please a size 6 if I may!!". The sales lady took the shoes from my hand and walked away towards the backroom while I anxiously waited, pacing back and forth. The lady reappeared with a box and my heart stopped when she announced "Size 6 right here". Over-filled with joy I jumped on to the sofa and whipped my shoes off to try on the shoes of Gods. I almost pinched myself thinking it was a dream but yes I was walking around in 5 inch YSL sandals and enjoying every moment of it. The sales lady tells me that I look like a natural walking around in high heels but my head was to high in the clouds to reply to her. Then suddenly pain occurred somewhere in my left foot, not just any pain but pain in each step I took!! Pretending it didn't hurt I kept walking around praying the pain would go away but it only got worse. WTF!!! Turns out my baby toe got stuck in-between the leather spaces and the leather was getting caught between my toe and toe nail {Gross.. I know}. I panicked and asked for a half size up and a half size down, I couldn't walk away from this shoe, not after all I've been through. The sales lady quickly left to find the sizes as I sat there rocking back and forth, trying to clear my mind. Could I pretend like it never happened? I could just buy them and try to stretch it out, or just put them on display. But then a picture of my angry husband popped in my mind and I knew I couldn't justify an ill-fitting shoe. The sales lady came back with the sizes and each size did the same with my baby toe. Never in a million years would I have thought I would say this but...... I didn't buy the YSL sandals, I just walked away. I haven't decided if I'm proud of myself or if I'm just a coward, either way the sandals live without me. 

PS: When I explained my mortifying story to my husband he simply said "I wouldn't have been mad if you bought them"

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