Victoria Beckham

As mentioned {Here} I deeply admire Victoria Beckham's personal style and her fashion line; ever since her Spice Girls days! Year last I had my eyes set on her black structured leather tote with gold hardware but couldn't justify the high price for a new designer bag. Ranging from $1,400 - $11,000 I think it's a very high price for Victoria Beckham bags, she only started her business 3 years ago.

{Victoria Beckham structured leather tote}

This bag is so beautiful, it's basic, mature, classic and cost about $3000! Luck for me I was able to buy this bag on sale and even my husband told me to buy it! NOW my only problem is...  The shape is so bulky it's hard to carry around! If only this bag had a shoulder strap then it would be easier to carry around because this bag can get very heavy.


Dhanisha said...

if you are intereste in selling then i'm interested in buying :)

where did you purchase on sale, i'm looking everywhere? x

Cindy said...

Hi Dhanisha - Sorry I won't be selling my bag, I purchased this bag at Holt Renfrew during a sales event.

Blogger said...

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