Can't deny that I wear my J Brand 901 leggings almost everyday (It's okay, I have two pairs), they are just Soooo comfortable and nobody at the office even notices that I'm wearing leggings!

J Brand recently released more styles/colours for the 901 leggings and I highly doubt that I'd get away with theses! (Won't lie, I'm still going to try) All the jeans are specially coated to give a shiney look to them and it's recommended to not wash but dry clean only. I wonder if my husband would get mad if I bought each colour, I really would love to have them all! Leggings, comfortable, stylish and shiney? SOLD X 4!!

{J Brand 901 $202 - Left: Coated Rose Gold // Right: Coated Smolder}

 {J Brand 901 - Left: Coated Glory $174 // Right: Coated Sterling $202}

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