My Problems

Part 1

I'll be honest... I only started this blog because I truly do have oniomania problems. My wants and needs are completely blurred and blogging helps satisfy my cravings to shop/buy.

 {Only half of what I have}

My problems:

One is never enough: I can never have just "ONE" bag or shoe! I could never have just the one bag for all occasions or a bag that I can use daily or even the one pair of heels for work... First it starts with a coach bag, then Chole, then Chanel, oh wait I missed Prada, Oh a new Chanel bag again, Oh I must have that Victoria Beckham bag, Oh no I promise I'll stop if I get a Birkin! It's a never ending cycle for bags and shoes! I always say the last bag or shoe will always be the last but it never is.

Does this match?:  I often buy so many pieces of clothes that I swear will "match" this event (an event that never happens) and the pieces are to nice to wear daily. I always end up with 10 of the same items but with a slight variation and none of them are a perfect fit for me. My wardrobe ends up being mismatched and I try to make up for it by buying more pieces to fill in the gaps! The same applies for jewellery...

Full closet with tags still attached: My closet is filled with pieces that have the tags still attached to them. It's because of both reasons above and I always feel guilty so I won't end up wearing them. I often try to give away a lot of clothes but end up buying more in return, completely defeats the purpose of giving away things. Sometimes I try to compensate by shopping vintage because it's second hand but even then I go overboard with the purchases and don't end up wearing them all.  

I am going to start a shopping detox program soon,
admitting your problems is the first step.
More to come....

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