Holika Holika

I don't blog much about cosmetics mainly because many other people do that already BUT you just wait to see what I have lined up!!! Introducing {{ Holika Holika }} to Markham, Canada!Yahooooo!

{My first purchase from Holika Holika}

A brand new store just opened up at Pacific Mall  {Markham, Ontario} which exclusively sells all Holika Holika products {a Korean brand}. YouTuber "From Head To Toe" uses a lot of their products which is how I discovered this amazing brand. I just so happened to catch this store before their Grand Opening this Saturday and I'm glad I did. I was able to slowly go through every product without a huge crowd and walk away with everything I wanted! I can only imagine how busy this store will become and how annoying it will be when everything is sold out. Go soon because they are having a Grand Opening Sale, 10% off your total purchase for a limited time!

Product swatch and reviews coming soon!

PS: This is not a sponsored blog entry but I will gladly accept anything free in case your wondering!

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