Head Strong

I have always been fascinated with chained/jeweled headpieces, way before a certain fame-loving reality star wore one on her wedding day. I just love how it adds sparkle to your face and instantly draws attention to your eyes. I also love how you can rock this look on your wedding day or casually going out!

 {Alicia Keys wearing a diamond headpiece on her wedding day)

{Christina Aguilera wearing a necklace as a headpiece}

I admit that I'm not brave enough to wear this look confidently like Alicia or Xtina but I'll try it someday. I think I'll try something simple first before venturing off into more daring styles. 

 {Top: $13 by ravenevejewelry on Etsy} 
{Bottom: $24 by PLUMEUPHORIA on Etsy}

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Anonymous said...

Wow i love Christina's Headpiece! And i found out who makes it, after some research, so I thought i would share.

Its by Rouelle. www.rouelledesigns.com and facebook.com/rouelledesigns