Helmet Lang Cheap Finds!

Back when I wrote {THIS POST}about Helmet Lang summer items, I never thought I'd go overboard crazy over his designs! I find his style very easy to wear, comfortable and different. Not saying that I can always afford his items BUT I did recently discover a great place that allows me to afford this garments! Holts Last Call - A place I never use to like is now my new best friend! Again back in THIS POST}I blogged about this sweater below....

.... At $295 it's not really a sweater I'd be able to afford comfortably.... Only 4 months LATER and just in time for the Fall season I found this sweater at the Holts outlet! First - I couldn't believe my eyes because I wasn't able to find this sweater in reg Holts stores. Second - I was blown away at the price! I only paid $40 (plus tax) for this sweater! A completely steal even if I never wear it!!! Not to worry I will wear this sweater a few times at least! SOOOOOOOOO HAPPY!!

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