Non Traditional

Easter has passed and that only means one thing; wedding season has begun! It's time to bring out your dresses and gowns to spend your weddings nights with fun, friends and alcohol! As a guest to a wedding have you ever considered standing out? (In a good fashionable way) Why not consider these two outfits for weddings this year.
 {BCBG - Camellia Jumpsuit $228}

To finish the look for both jumpsuits, I suggest {THIS} necklace and {THIS} thin belt in gold. If you are taller a thicker belt could also work. Example at the bottom.

 {BCBG - Maddison Jumpsuit $248}

Ever since Rose Byrn wore {THIS} jumpsuit to the Screen Actors Guild Awards, I've been completely obsessed with jumpsuits! Now if only I could have her body & height.

{Me trying on the Navy Jumpsuit}

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