There Goes My Savings

*Heavy Breathing*
*Heavy Breathing*
*Heavy Breathing*
It has finally happened... Club Monaco is finally available ONLINE!!
 Free shipping until April 30, after April 30 free shipping on orders $150 or $8 flat fee for orders under $150

As mentioned in the last post {HERE} I've been gravitating towards white silk blouses/shirts (as if I don't have enough already) lately and now with Club Monaco being available online.... I can just feel my savings account melting... Melting... Melting... Melting away....

Currently in my shopping bag:

 {Left: Cleo Silk top $129.50 check out the back! // Right: Christine Shirt $139.50}

{Left: Lizzie Silk Dress $189.50 // Top: Indian Sandals $49.50}
Check out the Lizzie dress! Great detailing!!

 {Left: Carmen Top $89.50 // Right: Taylor Skirt $119.50}

My grand total of $717.00
Anyone wish to give me an early birthday present?

A better shot of the top I'm wearing {HERE}

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