Maternity Coat

I don't know where to begin with my deep dislike for the ever so popular M Coat; a really ugly maternity coat that every pregnant woman swears by. This "popular" maternity coat is polyester made and is down filled, can be worn 3 ways but each style is ugly. The material is thin, shiny, fur collar is cheaply done, style and fit is just wrong. Pregnant or not, I would NOT be seen in this type of jacket and how can anyone even justify paying $480 for this cheaply made coat????

{The M Coat $480 available at Sporting Life}

I do admit, it is hard finding a jacket that can accommodate my ever going bump and my beautiful winter coat  {Here} just couldn't zip up anymore. I set out to look for a jacket that would fit my bump and my style, I wasn't going to allow pregnancy to change me in anyway. 

 I came across this All Saints jacket and just fell in love with it. Asymmetric styling that just screams me, funnel neck collar to keep the cold out, made from 80% Virgin Wool 20% Polyamide, no zippers, two inner buttons at the breast to keep the jacket closed and one large metal turn lock clasp. This jacket has slim arms (lucky me, my arms haven't gained any weight), buttons are above the belly to allow lots of belly growing space, it's light weight but warm and the style is what I would normally wear prior to pregnancy. I just love how much movement I have in this jacket and don't feel restricted in any way. 

If you are considering the M Coat I would highly advise you to stop, reconsider and really think about if you want to start looking like a mother who's just given up on herself.

{All Saints - City Monument Coat $505}


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