Chanel Problems - Splurge VS Steal

It's not a secret that I am completely obsessed with Chanel; the pearls, tweed jackets and the long chain necklaces. When I saw this on the runway for Spring 2014 Ready-to-Wear I knew I just had to have it!

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I wear pearls daily paired with a large statement necklace (for work and play) so the two styles above wouldn't be out of my style reach. Although it is out of my baby budget - Cost is around $3000 which I never complain about cost but with a new baby to pay for that's a lot of money to spend on a necklace now.

I don't know if this is pathetic or clever but I was able to find similar styles for a lot less. Normally I am not the type to settle for knock off items that cost a fraction of the real item - BUT - I couldn't NOT have this style in my collection. Note: Yes it makes me very sad to admit this but I must learn to scale back cost now.
Splurge on the Chanel Necklace OR Steal on the styles below?

Pearl Wire Choker 
{THPSHOP - Pearl Wire Choker $75}

I can come across the blogger Vanessa's Instagram page and she was selling this necklace above (Blog: Simple style, similar to the original Chanel and still casual enough to wear daily - For $75 it's steal although I'm sure I can make this necklace myself for a lot less. 

{BaubleBar - Jumbo Pearl Ring Collar $34}

The name is completely misleading, I would hardly consider this a jumbo pearl. This style is scaled down to the average person who desires the Chanel look but is afraid to the large statement piece of the original style. This is truly casual enough to wear with a t-shirt and jeans type of look or dressed up with a DVF wrap dress for work.

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