Boob (Nursing) Problems

I have many problems with typical store nursing tops, here's just to name a few:
  1. It's ugly - Completely lacking style and shape. Being a mother does not require you to look like a Kate Gosselin in anyway shape or form. 
  2. It's tight -  As a new mother trying to get the"pre-baby" body back, wearing tight fitting tops isn't exactly making me feel most confident; at least not with the new mummy tummy.  
  3. It's expensive - Explain to why stretch cotton tops cost so much more because it's a "nursing" top? The material isn't better neither is the quality, I can't justify paying so much more for a cotton shirt because I can whip a boob out. 
  4. It's boring - Every store and websites sells the exact sale styles (in cotton of course) but in different colours, let's all look like Kate Gosselin. 
 {Thyme Maternity -  Wrap Nursing Top With Shirring in Sangria - $39 but now on sale for $19}

Prime example of a typical nursing top; boring, very fitted, long and did I mention BORING? I honestly can't stand Thyme Maternity during my pregnancy and I can't stand it even more after my pregnancy. I'm starting to wonder where all the stylist mommies shop.

Normally I tend to stay away from fast fashion stores (Forever 21, H&M style stores) but I actually focused on these types of stores for nursing tops last weekend. I was determined to find styles that suited me without over spending, to be honest it was stressful but the quest was semi-fun (minus my son crying 50% of the time). Overall I found a few tops that I could work into my normal wardrobe, didn't break the bank, won't feel guilty getting dirty and won't break my heart when I discard of it in a few months. 

Here's my nursing top haul: 

{Left: Loft - Shirred Neck Cami in Black - On sale in stores for around $18}
{Right: Old Navy - Sleeveless Button Front Top in Arugula- On sale $12}

 {Left: Smart Set - Sleeveless Top With Zipper Detail in Sweet Rose - $35}
{Right: Smart Set - Wrap Halter Top in Black - On sale for $19}

All these tops can easily be tucked into a skirt or warn with shorts or pants. Not far from what I would normally wear during this season except they all have easy access for nursing when the time comes. With the exception of the Loft cami, that was purchased because the material is so soft and thin I could lift my top and tuck it to nurse. 

 {BCBG - Mya Open-Back Draped T-Shirt in Blue - On sale for $45}

I had purchased this top in a size up in 3 different colours because I am head over heels in love with this top. The size up gives the shirt a slouchy look and allows for me to nurse him under the shirt (using the shirt as my nursing cover). 

{BCBG - Alessandra Draped-Front Top in Black - $90}

I will be wearing this top with a bandeau underneath, I couldn't just walk around with my boobs hanging out anymore. For $90 it is an over priced top to use for nursing BUT I know I will be keeping this top long after I am done nursing. 

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