Pink Is Not Going To Happen

I don't often make it to the big stores but when I do financial damage is the end result. Recently I have come across an unusual curse with bags and it's really bothersome.

{Chanel - Wallet on a chain with double C-clasp}

This isn't the exact item I had wanted but close enough. The one I had seen in store was a blush pink lizard material with gold hardware, price? $5,400 and worth every penny of it. Stupid me had declined to purchase this one of a kind bag because I had wanted to use my common sense and not jump into an impulse purchase fearing regret later on. After a week (exactly 6 days) I had made up my mind and headed back to the store to purchase this beautiful bag with one problem... It has already been sold and there was only ONE in all of Canada, that's what happens when you use common sense and take too long to "think" about it. 

{Victoria Beckham - Liberty Tote in Pink - $1,650 but onsale now}
I have been everywhere trying to find this tote and I've even looked online. The actual website doesn't ship to Canada, Holt Renfrew didn't carry pink, Net-A-Porter was sold out and every other high-end retail websites didn't carry or ship to Canada. This bag was just not meant to be mine I guess.  

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